If you don't need full-blown protection and just want to prevent scratches on your glass-backed iPhone 8, then check out these slim-hipped little minxes!

You should Totallee check out this one!

This case is made by Totallee. It's a pun. I'm very funny. Check it out for $18

Peel is like skin, so you know it's thin

See, now that's a rhyme. I'm on a friggin' roll here. Grab one for $25.

I zo, you zo, we all zo for Tozo!

Good luck getting that out of your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome. $9 on Amazon.

Bah Ranvoo

Any Babe fans out there? No? Ugh, millennials. This one's $11 on Amazon.

If you want to protect your iPhone 8, it's EasyAcc

Nothing. I just wanted it to be like I was Candlejacked while writing that head. This is a great option for $9.

Spigen of Thin Fit...

ALL THE PUNS. $11 on that website named after a South American river. You know the one. Orinoco, I think.

Casekoo a question?

Do you want a really thin case for iPhone 8 or not? Get this one in many colors for $11.

Shock Tech

What? Can't I just be serious for once? Jeez. $8.

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