iPhone 8Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • A YouTuber took a broken iPhone 8 and transplanted its internals into a custom iPhone 12-like case.
  • The new iPhone still has Touch ID, but otherwise looks livery similar to an iPhone 12.

When you make an iPhone out of glass it's always going to break when it's dropped. But what do you do then? According to one YouTuber you take that broken iPhone and turn it into another one. In this case, it's an iPhone 8 that was turned into an iPhone 12.

Sort of, at least.

The YouTuber in question is Tech Ninja and their broken iPhone 8 was very broken indeed. Using a custom iPhone 12 body, the YouTuber transplanted everything that still worked, into it. The result is an iPhone 8 in a squared-off iPhone 12 body, albeit with Touch ID and no notch. But to the casual observer, and at a distance, this is very much an iPhone 12.

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Check it out — it's a fascinating watch. We've all seen the insides of an iPhone before but there's something about watching one actually be built that's so interesting.

In this video, I will restore broken iPhone 8 into Custom iPhone 8 with Square Edges (Like iPhone 12 Series). Looks Awesome!!!

Don't fancy going through all this to get an iPhone 12? There are some great iPhone to be had right now, so why not treat yourself to a new one? I'd suggest putting it into a case though — especially if you just broke your old iPhone like Tech Ninja!