iPhone 8 review: The forgotten iPhone

The iPhone 8 is a successful execution of a familiar idea. From the outside, it appears the very definition of an iterative upgrade, and with the bleeding-edge iPhone X on the horizon and scads of Android phones that have had similar features for years, the 8 doesn't seem likely to carve out a lasting legacy for itself as some iPhones have.

But if you've got a lot invested in Apple's ecosystem (and you don't want to spend a thousand dollars on a phone for some reason) well, the iPhone 8 was made for you. Last week, I took a look at the smaller of the two phones in this generation, focusing on the camera, A11 processor, and wireless charging. Since then I've spent a lot more time with the iPhone 8 Plus, relishing its revised portrait mode and its stellar battery life while testing how well its conventional camera performance holds up to the Galaxy Note 8.

Join me for part two of the MrMobile iPhone 8 Review, and be sure to circle back to iMore's own iPhone 8 Review for all the details that didn't make it to video!

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