Iphone 9 ConceptSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • This concept imagines an iPhone 9 with a few tweaks.
  • The rear panel looks...familiar.
  • That's because it looks like a Pixel 3.

We might be hearing rumors that Apple's planned March launch for iPhone 9 has been canned, but that isn't going to spoil everyone's fun. A new concept video showing what it might look like makes for an interesting watch.

Created by someone calling themselves Hacker 34, the video was spotted by Cult of Mac and shows us what iPhone 9 could pack when it is finally announced.

The concept shows us all of the things we've come to expect via various leaks, including the Home button and a 4.7-inch LCD screen. But it's around the back that things get interesting.

Rather than the glass that we've become accustomed to – remember, iPhone 9 is said to resemble iPhone 8 – this thing appears to have something altogether different. It may be glass, but it's got an odd look. A bit like the Pixel 3 that does have a glass back, but it looks almost like polycarbonate. Whatever the reason, this thing looks like a Pixel 3 from the back. See what I mean?

Google Pixel 3 All ColorsSource: iMore

So I'm going to hand it over to you. Would you buy this if it turns out to be what iPhone 9 looks like?