iPhone 9 release rumor suggests April 22 is the big day

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What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser says that Apple is planning to announce the new iPhone 9 in April.
  • He claims that the announcement will take place on April 15, with shipments going out on April 22.
  • Prosser says that these are tentative dates, however, and that things could change.

Jon Prosser has Tweeted claiming that Apple is planning to announce the new iPhone 9 on April 15, with shipments starting on April 22.

In a tweet yesterday he stated:

Phone 9 updatePer an internal meeting yesterday, Apple is now preparing for an April release.Tentative dates: - Announcement on April 15 - Shipments on April 22Keep in mind: we're in the middle of a pandemic, and things could change.Fingers crossed

Jon Prosser has in the last few months shot to the forefront of Apple rumors. This has surprised some, however, he seems to have been on the money so far.

Prosser has previously stated that the iPhone 9 will be ready to ship in April and that Apple is considering sticking to an April release "due to economic pressures and shareholder obligations." His latest update last week stated that a meeting on the iPhone 9 resulted in "no final decision", and that Apple would decide this week, and that "if" they do announce a phone, it would be mid-April.

With that in mind, Prosser now believes that Apple is planning to release the iPhone 9 on April 22, announcing it on April 15. According to his report, Apple retail employees are being asked to work from home in sales and tech support, a rumor also confirmed by Mark Gurman.

Apple's iPhone 9 is the spiritual successor to the iPhone SE 2 and is rumored to be debuting with a $399 price tag.

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