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Ringtonium review: The best ringtone creation app for iPhone

Ringtonium is simple and easy to use, and best of all saves you money by letting you use your already purchased songs as ringtones.

Ringtonium is the best app for creating custom ringtones -- and alert tones -- on your iPhone. While record labels are happy to resell you ringtones for the same tracks you've already bought -- often at the same or even higher prices than the full song -- if you don't mind a few quick steps, you can save some money and get exactly the ringtone you want, exactly the way you want it.

Although there are plenty of ringtone creation apps available in the App Store to do just that, none of them are a well rounded or useful as Ringtonium. The user-interface is extremely easy to use and builds on some of the unique syncing abilities available in iTunes, along with a number of outside apps like SoundCloud, and of course social network sharing.

Dialing down to specific start and stop times with Ringtonium's fine-tune slider

Upon launching the app you'll be asked to choose between an existing track from the iPod music library, or creating your own track by using the iPhone's built-in microphone. Once you've got a track to work with, you can then jump into the mix and get into the details with a fine-tuned audio scrubber for selecting your start and stop times. If you need even more control over your start/stop times, Ringtonium offers a dial with the ability to drill down to milliseconds for absolute precision.

If you chose to record from the microphone, the quality is remarkably high and distortion free, even at higher input volumes. That's surprising and very welcome.

Adding effects in Ringtonium using their built-in FX feature is easy

Ringtonium also has an included FX panel where you can add fade in and fade out, adjust the pitch or reverse the audio, and add flange or echo effects. The quality of the included effects are top-notch and Ringtonium lets you go for the longest ringtone duration Apple allows -- something most other ringtone apps haven't caught onto yet.

Exporting custom ringtones with Ringtonium

The Good

  • Fast to use
  • Well thought out design and user interface layout.
  • Supports exporting using iTunes or with 3rd party cloud integration.
  • Fine-tuned slider and dialer let you set perfect start/stop times.
  • Modify or delete custom ringtones within the app -- no iTunes required!
  • Video tutorials included.

The Bad

  • Cannot mix/combine multiple tracks.
  • Limited built-in FX.


The bottom line

Ringtonium is simple and easy to use, and best of all saves you money by letting you use your already purchased songs as ringtones. If you've been looking for the best ringtone app for your iPhone, look no further than Ringtonium -- it's the best option currently available and excels in every area.

$0.99 -- App Store Link

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

  • I think you mean iPhone :-)
  • It says best ringtone for iPhone. Are you stupid?
  • Sweet deal.
  • iRingtones for Mac is the best!!
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • do you have to sync with itunes before you can save/set it as a ringtone though?
  • It takes a couple of steps after you've created the ringtone.
    1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
    2. Under "file sharing" on the "apps" tab, select Ringtonium.
    3. Right-click the ring tone you created, and save it (I have a ring tone folder on my desktop).
    4. Drag the file from the folder to the "library" section on the left side of iTunes.
    5. Sync your iPhone (make sure Sync Tones box under Tones tab is checked)
    Sounds a little more complicated than it actually is... App has a link to a YouTube video that explains it well.
  • thats what i figured. its the same as the other one i have and dont use. I just use my pc. Ohh well im over it. thanks though
  • I am using unlimitones from cydia... This looks like a good alternative for non-jailbroken folks.
  • you can do this on a desktop with audacity. just load of the song and edit it down to the part you want. Then i think you save it as an m4a and just change the file name to m4r. drop in in itunes and it will show up under ringtones. Don't forget to edit the tags. Then you can drag and drop it onto your phone.
  • I like "Ringer". This one looks good as well. But how many ringtone apps does one need?
  • Definitely agree...Ringer is the best!
  • my only question is do alerts show up under alerts and how short is the minimum?
  • It's beautiful but very slow to import and create the .m4r file, the good is that appearance and you can add a "fade in" and "fade off". Ringtone Remix is faster and make bigger and higher quality ringtones, but it's ugly compared to Ringtonium.