iPhone dominates Flickr's most popular cameras of 2015

Photo sharing service Flickr has released the stats for the most popular cameras and camera brands used on its site for 2015, showing that the iPhone continued its growth throughout the year to come out on top. Taking the absolute top spot is the iPhone 6, which raked in a 5 percent share. However, Apple claimed 8 out of the top 20 spots with iterations of the iPhone dating back to the iPhone 4, and even one entry from the iPad.

In comparison to other brands, Apple found itself mostly in the company of various Canon models, with the closest Android rival taking the eleventh spot with the Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, Samsung makes up the sole Android contributor in the top 20 with the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S3 taking the thirteenth and nineteenth spots, respectively.

For the full, detailed breakdown, be sure to hit up the source link below to view the whole study.

Source: Flickr

Dan Thorp-Lancaster