iPhone Live 141: #dickbar

iOS 4.3 is here and we have your walkthrough, your MLB and NBA for Apple TV, and your bad news for Verizon users. Anyone want a 64GB iPhone or an aluminum iPhone 5? Xcode hits the Mac App Store, music re-downloads, Twitter's new #dickbar, and BBM for iPhone? This is iPhone Live!

Show notes and all the week's iPhone news after the break!

iOS 4.3


  • South Korea getting GSM iPhone 4 under SK Telecom network
  • Verizon iPhone Jailbroken and flashed to work on Cricket pay-as-you-go
  • Do you want a 64GB iPhone?
  • iPhone 5 set to abandon glass back in favor of aluminum?


  • Apple releases Xcode 4… via Mac App Store
  • Apple negotiating with music labels to let users download again without paying again


  • Twitter for iPhone updated, #dickbar still mandatory but slightly less intrusive
  • Top 5 Twitter app alternatives for iPhone
  • Google Instant Previews brings visual search results to the iPhone
  • Air Video update, now supports AirPlay with iOS 4.3
  • RIM considering bringing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to iPhone?



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