The second-generation iPhone SE features a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, Touch ID, and an A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone SE also features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone, which uses computational photography including Portrait mode, and resists dust and water. Need help deciding which color to buy? We're here to help.

iPhone SE 2020 Prouct Red


Staff favorite

This red is such a gorgeous color, but you can also feel good buying the PRODUCT(RED) model knowing that you're contributing to pandemic relief. Every purchase of this model now contributes directly to the Global Fund to combat COVID-19.

From $399 at Apple
iPhone SE 2020 White

Classic: White

You just can't go wrong with white. It's a neutral color, but it's light, bright, and cheerful. It looks great alone or with the addition of a case. If your case is translucent, the white behind the case will best show off its color.

From $399 at Apple
iPhone SE 2020 Black

Dark mode: Black

Black is also classically beautiful. Think about black tie or little black dress; the color black implies a formal look. Black is serious, slick, maybe even a little bit edgy.

From $399 at Apple

(PRODUCT)RED is our favorite

iPhone SE 2020 Product RedSource: Apple

Make a statement with the gorgeous (PRODUCT)RED iPhone SE. This color says that you're bold, splashy, and fearless. It also says that you know what's important: beating this nasty coronavirus and putting an end to a pandemic. Every iPhone SE (PRODUCT)RED purchase contributes directly to the Global Fund to combat COVID-19.

iPhone SE 2020 Prouct Red


If you're bold and/or you want to fight COVID-19, you can't go wrong with the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone SE.

White is purely beautiful

iPhone SE 2020 WhiteSource: Apple

White is such a timeless color, but it never looks old or tired. I often choose a white iPhone because it doesn't change the color of my translucent colorful cases. A white iPhone only enhances the case. Unlike many items you might buy in white, an iPhone keeps its true color and doesn't get dingy or dirty. White is light, airy, and as pure as the driven snow.

iPhone SE 2020 White

iPhone SE in White

The light, bright pure white iPhone SE is a little plain, but it's a thing of beauty. Get this color if you want to show off your phone in a translucent case.

Black is gorgeous and mysterious

iPhone SE 2020 BlackSource: Apple

Choose black if you like a more subdued shade, though it's certainly not nondescript. Black is a more mysterious, bold, and maybe even edgy shade. Of course black is also an uber-classy color, the color of choice for formal occasions when you might wear a black tie tuxedo or a little black dress.

iPhone SE 2020 Black

iPhone SE in Black

The black iPhone SE exudes class, mystery, seriousness, and formality. It's the most subdued of all the colors, but it's still stunning.

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