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What you need to know

  • Apple launched its new iPhone SE last week.
  • Research suggests Apple could sell 15 million of them this year.
  • Counterpoint Research says it could prove to be a cash cow for the next couple of years.

Analysis from Counterpoint Research suggests that Apple could be on course to sell 15 million new iPhone SE units this year.

As reported by Nasdaq:

In a research note last week, Counterpoint Research estimated that Apple will end up selling over 15 million iPhone SE units this year. "While many markets have shifted focus onto the 5G smartphone race, Apple delivers one last shot at mid-range 4G LTE before finally shifting toward a 5G-heavy portfolio," according to Counterpoint Research analyst Hanish Bhatia.

The report further notes that 5G adoption "is unlikely to reach mainstream consumers for another few years", and that Apple may have a window of two to three years, in which time the iPhone SE could become a real "cash cow" for Apple. In fact, Counterpoint estimates that Apple "can generate approximately $2,400 of customer lifetime value over the next 30 months from power users, most of which comes from various services."

Now, as disclosed in the report, the writer of this report owns Apple shares, so you know... bias. However, Apple has certainly struck a chord in the smartphone market with the iPhone SE, generating a massive amount of buzz over on our sister site Android Central and across the wider web. One revelation being that the iPhone SE has a faster processor than the most expensive Android Phone. With a starting price of just $399, the iPhone SE has muscled in squarely on phones like the Pixel 4a. There's no reason therefore to believe that the iPhone SE won't be a massive success for Apple.

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