iPhone vs Blackberry

Yankees vs Red Sox. Coke vs Pepsi. Obama vs Hilary.

Apple vs RIM?

Are we walking down a path that will lead to a no-holds-barred smackdown between smartphone giant RIM and newcomer Apple? Chris Ullrich over at TUAW certainly thinks so. He recently pitted the iPhone against the Curve and comes away with a conclusion not so much different from our good friend Mike Overbo.

The iPhone and Blackberry have long been on a collision course since the iPhone’s inception. With Treos still stuck in the 1990's and Windows Mobile’s, well, Window-ness, these two companies are destined to battle it now and for the rest of eternity.

So where do you place your bets? Apple, in all its gleam and glory or RIM, with its utilitarian approach? Or is there enough room for the two of them?