iPhone X will ship in time for Christmas!

Apple recently moved up its shipping times for the iPhone X to within the acceptable timeframe for giving as a Christmas present. Directly fro the Apple store, you can have your iPhone X delivered sometime around Dec. 11. To make things even easer on Santa's Elves, some official Apple resellers have the iPhone X in stock and waiting for you to pick up!

Unlike the 64GB Apple TV 4K, which is seeing a drop in availability, the iPhone X has had its production ramped up just in time for the holiday season. In addition to getting an iPhone X directly from Apple retail stores within the next two weeks, it's also available at Best Buy with a shipping date of Dec. 6. Depending on where you live, you might be able to pick one up in-store today.

Both Verizon and Sprint are shipping the iPhone X within a reasonable timeframe — the former's estimated shipping is Dec. 13 and the latter is Dec. 8. You can take a risk with T-Mobile, which has a shipping estimate of Dec. 19 - 26. AT&T's estimated shipping ranges from Dec. 22 - Jan 2, which is a little too risky, in my opinion.

Currently, it looks like Target is out of stock of the iPhone X online, but my local Target has a limited supply in stock in-store, so you should check out Targets in your area.

Fry's Electronics is a possibility, too. In my area, I can pick one up in-store, but it's not available online.

If you're thinking about getting someone you love an iPhone X for Christmas, you're going to have an easier time than you might have previously thought.

Lory Gil

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