Best wireless CarPlay adapter 2024

CarPlay is Apple's voice-activated assistant for use in the car. It's a convenient way to connect your best iPhone to your vehicle. CarPlay allows you to use many of the iPhone's features while you drive with a simplified home screen on your car's touch display. You can access Siri, control your music, make phone calls, navigate to your next location in Maps (or third-party map app), respond to Messages, and more. CarPlay originally used to require you to plug your iPhone in, but some newer vehicles now offer wireless CarPlay.

My five-year-old car has wired CarPlay, and sometimes I wish it were wireless. I don't want to have to physically plug and unplug my iPhone 14 Pro every time I enter and exit my car in order to use CarPlay. So, I tried out some of the popular wireless CarPlay adapters to see if I could easily convert my wired CarPlay to wireless. As it turns out, there are some good ones on the market that are seamless and easy to use.

The best wireless CarPlay adapters

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Wired is tired

While my wired CarPlay port does charge my iPhone, it does so very slowly. If I do need to charge my iPhone, I'd rather do so on my much faster MagSafe car charging mount.

Have you ever plugged your iPhone into CarPlay, reached your destination, and left your phone in the car? I have. But using CarPlay wirelessly makes that far less likely to happen.

Why do you need wireless CarPlay?

CarPlay is pretty awesome even in its wired form, so you don't need to convert it to wireless functionality. But it sure is convenient. I love being able to just hop into my car and go. Your phone stays in your bag and you don't have to take it out and plug it in. With one of these adapters in place, your CarPlay starts up automatically. So, you can listen to music and other entertainment, picking up right where you left off in the house. You can easily get directions to where you're going. You can make and take phone calls and respond to texts on the road totally hands-free while your iPhone remains in your pocket or bag.

Which is the best wireless CarPlay adapter for you?

I found the OTTOCAST Wireless CarPlay Adapter to be the fastest of the adapters I tried. However, the difference in start-up times was minimal, so I'd just go with the one that has the features you prefer.

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