Best MagSafe car mounts 2023: drive and charge

Having an iPhone while driving can be very useful. You can use Siri to answer messages, Apple Maps to see where you're going, and take hands-free calls when someone rings. You do need your phone at a convenient angle, however, which is where you need one of the best MagSafe car mounts. They keep your phone locked at a chosen position, and keep it floating above your dash. Providing a more reliable connection than old, clip-style iPhone car mounts, a MagSafe car mount will make strapping your phone to your car a lot easier.

MagSafe is Apple's magnetic wireless charging standard, using a ring of magnets around the wireless charging coil to keep the phone locked in place. This means that your iPhone is kept in place while charging, and more importantly here, secured to the arm in your car. 

These MagSafe car mounts all fix to your car and phone in different ways, so you're bound to find one that suits your car and needs. MagSafe only works with the most recent iPhones from the iPhone 12 and on to the iPhone 14, so you'll need one of those to make these mounts work.

Upgrade your driving with the best MagSafe car mounts

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The magic power of magnets

As always with MagSafe, you're going to want a case-less iPhone to make sure those magnets are able to properly get stuck on to the back of your phone. There are MagSafe cases however that can help out, so make sure that you've got one of the best MagSafe cases for iPhone 14 Pro so that you can protect your phone and still use the MagSafe ring on the back.

Our favorite mount from the list is the Belkin Vent Mount Pro. It's stocked in the Apple Store too, so you know that even the big A itself thinks it's a good bet. If you don't want to spend quite so much then the SuperOne MagSafe car mount won't do any charging, but it will put your phone in place on your dash and do it cheaply.

We have loads of other lists as well if these don't tickle your fancy, from the best Magnetic car mounts for iPhone to the best wireless chargers for multiple devices.

Are MagSafe Car mounts safe for driving?

That will depend on you. If you drive safely, and don't stare at your phone screen, then you're going to be safe. If you stare at your screen then you should think about not putting in a Car Mount. Whether these are legal or not depends on local law enforcement, so check your States rules and regulations to make sure that you're not going to get in trouble with one.

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