Elon Musk says he may make an alternative phone to iPhone and Android

Elon Musk in front of the Twitter logo
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Elon Musk, popular for Tesla and now his acquisition of Twitter, has hinted at the possibility of taking on another adventure. As Twitter starts looking for ways to monetize, it is becoming increasingly clear that Apple and Google would end up getting 30% cuts. While Musk hadn't gone all-out on the companies like we would have expected, criticizing the platform tax, he's now hinted at taking on the two companies.

Elon Musk recently replied to a tweet saying that he will make an alternative phone to iPhone and Android, "if there is no other choice." 

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Since the Elon Musk takeover, Twitter seems to be looking at a change in how content moderation has worked on the platform for years. Musk first proposed buying Twitter to make it a free speech platform, but that has sent out all the wrong signals so far with advertisers being concerned. Some advertisers have also halted advertising on Twitter over the same issue.

However, one thing has become increasingly clear — Twitter's free speech approach may irk app store owners, primarily Apple and Google. If things go out of hand, which seems like a real possibility with Twitter right now, Apple and Google may boot Twitter from their app stores. Twitter user Liz Wheeler tweeted about this possibility, encouraging Musk to build an alternative phone.

Musk responded by saying he hopes that Twitter doesn't get booted from app stores, but also said that he will build his own alternative phone if that does happen.

With the platform tax and the possibility of an app store ban, it makes sense that Musk has thought about an alternative. Whether he will actually make a new phone or just acquire another company, remains to be seen. Elon seems to be an iPhone user, so the phone would hopefully be able to hold a candle to the best iPhones, if it ever comes to be.

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