Here are all the new emoji coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.4 — Phoenix, lime, brown mushroom, and more

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Have you found yourself in search of that perfect emoji only to realize Apple hasn’t implemented the lime icon just yet? If so, you’re in luck. 

iOS 17.4 beta 1 has just gone live and this comes with a variety of changes, but perhaps the biggest is some brand new emoji. As shown in a Unicode blog last September, there are over 100 new emoji, including head shaking, head nodding, phoenix, lime, brown mushroom, and a broken chain. The rest are changes made to family emojis and movement emojis like a person running or a person in a wheelchair moving. You can find the full list on Emojipedia.

These emojis were also made available to Samsung devices, such as the S24 Ultra. Given that iOS 17.4 beta 1 has just arrived, this update is likely to launch in the coming weeks.

What else is new in iOS 17.4?

Podcasts now have transcripts which means you can read along as you watch — a particularly useful feature if you can’t quite make out what someone is saying. As well as this, due to EU mandates, alternative App stores can now be used with Apple devices, though parents will have to turn on the feature for their children. Gaming apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming will finally be allowed to have their own app, which means you won’t need to load it up from a web browser once iOS 17.4 is out.

Stolen Device Protection has also been implemented, which is a nifty security feature that requires a Face ID or Touch ID verification for certain uses, such as paying for the weekly shop or changing passwords, regardless of whether you have the passcode. This means that thieves who have your code won’t be able to access your private information. When you combine everything that iOS 17.4 will bring, it looks set to make a big impact on your iPhone once it's released.

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