iPhone 15 Ultra to have two front-facing cameras, leaker suggests

Space Black iPhone 14 Pro
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While we have gotten used to the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models having significantly better cameras, next year, it's not just the rear camera array getting a huge upgrade.

According to the leaker, Majin Bu, the iPhone 15 Ultra (the model replacing the Pro Max next year) will have two front-facing cameras and feature base storage of 256GB.

No mention of what that second selfie camera will be. Perhaps it would be an ultra-wide angle, making group selfies easier to accomplish. Alternatively, it could just be a second focal length to make portrait mode pics on the selfie cam much better. We don't know, and if Majin Bu knows, they aren't saying as much right now.

We've recently heard that the iPhone 15 Ultra will switch to USB-C by Mark Gurman, so seeing that Majin Bu is also calling for it might mean there's even more credibility behind the source. However, Majin Bu has mostly been best known for leaking colors of devices in the past, they showed the Apline Green iPhone 13 Pro before it was officially announced.

Ultra is better than Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max didn't have a lot of differences, but it seems that the iPhone 15 Pro will be a step down from the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Majin Bu has stated that the regular iPhone 15 Pro will still have USB-C (a change many have been calling to happen for years), but it won't feature two selfie cameras as part of its TrueDeopth camera system. That will be reserved for the Ultra model only, as will the 256GB of base storage.

I hope that part of the rumors isn't genuine, as increasing the base storage capacity on the iPhone is pretty much necessary as iPhone cameras get better and better. I hope that the regular iPhone 15 Pro gets a storage bump, too, because that 48MP camera makes some pretty big files, especially when shooting in RAW. 

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