Popular iPhone camera app Halide launches what could be the greatest iPhone video app

Kino video camera app on iPhone
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While Apple's iPhone 15 Pro is the best iPhone yet in terms of the photos and videos it can take, it doesn't always come up to scratch for pros. While recent launches have given users more control over settings, there's still no Pro camera mode. That's why many turn to third-party camera apps, with one of the most popular being Halide. And now, the makers of the app have launched a pro video camera app called Kino.

Kino is now available for download from the App Store at an introductory price of $9.99, slashed by 50% off the standard price. Just make sure your device is running iOS 17. You can install it directly from the App Store.

What to expect from new pro video app Kino

iPhone 15 Pro, iPad 9th gen, and Apple Watch SE for free at Verizon

iPhone 15 Pro, iPad 9th gen, and Apple Watch SE for free at Verizon

Want one of the best iPhone cameras to shoot pro video with using the new Kino app? You can get an iPhone 15 Pro for free at Verizon, and they'll throw in an iPad 9 and an Apple Watch SE for free!

Headlining the app is a one-tap recording feature, so easy your grandma could use it. Not that she'd appreciate the 180-degree shutter angle or the Instant Grade feature. Instant Grade is a real game-changer. You can choose from a slew of presets crafted by the pros, or bring your own LUTs into the mix. The magic? It all happens in real-time, so you can wave goodbye to those hours spent faffing around with post-production.

AutoMotion might sound like something out of a sci-fi flick, but it helps you capture buttery smooth movement. The app uses a 180-degree shutter angle by default, and when the ambient light is just right, it’ll light up green like a traffic signal, giving you the nod to start filming. New to the world of videography? No worries. Kino comes with a series of lessons that’ll have you shooting like Scorsese in no time.

Despite its user-friendly interface, Kino is packed with pro-level tools. Fancy fiddling with exposure? You’ve got RV adjustment, AE, and WB lock. Feeling brave? Switch to full manual mode and take the reins over shutter speed and ISO. And let’s not forget the quick access tools for tweaking resolution, framerate, and encoding – because who has time to dive through menus?

For the pixel peepers out there, Kino’s got your back with a level grid, RBG waveform for perfecting exposure, and focus peaking for nailing that crisp shot. And here’s a neat touch: videos are stored in the Files app instead of the Photos app.

The app is going to come as a big relief to pro users, who have been limited by the stock Camera app for years now. And, considering Halide's success, it might just be the best iPhone video camera app ever made.

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