Temple Run is coming back to iPhone with a new level-based title launched in Apple Arcade

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Apple Arcade, to those who pay for it, is almost like the Xbox Game Pass of mobile games – a collection of cool titles that you can play on your iPhone for a small monthly subscription. And one of the most popular titles in iPhone gaming history is returning, with a new title in the series coming to Apple Arcade.

Temple Run is coming back to the best iPhones. The mobile game that once had us dodging tree roots and ravenous monkeys while racing for a high score is set to return with a fresh instalment, "Temple Run: Legends." It's landing exclusively on Apple Arcade on August 1.

In "Temple Run: Legends," we're diving back into the ancient world of Aperion. But it’s not just the classic endless run this time. The new title is a level-based runner with over 500 levels! You can now run, swim, and jump through a variety of terrains, tackling dynamic challenges, and meeting a cast of fascinating characters along the way.

Not the only new Apple Arcade title

That’s not all Apple Arcade is throwing at us next month. Joining "Temple Run: Legends" is the BAFTA-winning "Vampire Survivors+." If you’re into a bit of multiplayer chaos, this game is for you. Up to four players can dive into the same device, battling nightmarish creatures with whatever tools they can find – garlic, crosses, magic wands, you name it.

And for those with an Apple Vision Pro, there’s "Castle Crumble." Available from August 29, this spatial title lets you dismantle castles with your very fingers. Imagine blasting apart fantastical fortresses in your living room, using powerful explosives and mystical spells.

Not to be outdone, other beloved Apple Arcade titles are getting some serious updates too. "Sonic Racing" will see Rockstar Rouge joining the race on July 18, and "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the Friendship Festival starting July 25. And let's not forget about the new goodies coming to "Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom," "WHAT THE CAR?", "SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit," and "Snake.io."

If you’re not already subscribed to Apple Arcade, the gaming service will set you back $6.99. New Apple device owners can snag a three-month free trial, and the service is also available as part of the Apple One bundle. Whether you’re playing on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or Apple Vision Pro, you’ve got over 200 games at your fingertips.

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