These four original iPhones could fetch more than $200k at auction

Original iPhone in hand
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Apple's older products have come to become vintage items as they have been discontinued over the years. While sealed boxes of older products from any popular company tend to go at high prices, Apple's sealed vintage products go for quite a lot more. We've seen several of these being sold for prices around $50,000, and sometimes even more.

Now, there are four such original iPhones up for grabs. New auction listings show four models of the original iPhone in sealed boxes, with bids now open. If these follow the pricing trends we have seen before, they're likely to rake in about $200,000 in total.

Bidding on four original iPhones now open

Popular auction site LCG Auctions has four original iPhones in its 2023 Summer Premier Auction. The auction has gone live as of 30th June, and will end on 16th July, at 5 PM EST.

The four iPhones aren't identical, though, and are actually all different. One is the original 2007 iPhone with 4GB of storage, which is the rarest of them all. Then you have another original 2007 iPhone with 8GB of storage. The third one is a first-generation model as well, but the 16GB model, which Apple added in 2008. The last one is a European model of the original 2007 iPhone with 8GB of storage, which came locked to the carrier, O2.

There's an interesting thing about the 2007 8GB model. The listing is consigned by Phil Marino, who directed the 2007 MacWorld keynote where the iPhone was launched. The listing says it was gifted to Marino by Apple as a gesture of appreciation for his work on the keynote.

The bids are empty or relatively low for now, but we expect the auction to amp up in the coming days, with all four of these iPhones landing about $200,000 in total. If you have a collection of the best iPhones, you might want to take a look at these.

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