Apple Watch and Apple PaySource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple Pay is now available to Pepper customers.
  • Users have been receiving new app updates over the last day or so.

Israeli bank Pepper has begun to send app updates to customers inviting them to add their cards to the Wallet app for use with Apple Pay. But it seems it might have jumped the gun a little.

First reported by The Verifier, internet bank Pepper started to send app updates out earlier today with text that immediately asked users to get Apple Pay-ready. The move comes as Israel as a whole continues to implement the systems required for Apple Pay and other contactless payments to function.

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However, it appears that Pepper got a bit ahead of itself because anyone trying to add their card for Apple Pay use received an error. And Pepper is already rolling an update out to remove the feature completely.

When you try to add the credit card to Apple Pay, you receive an error message that warns you that the card or bank does not support the service. Pepper, for its part, has already removed the message from the last update, so if you still see the message, it may disappear in the next update.

It's likely that Apple is yet to flick the switch that's needed to get Apple Pay off the ground for Pepper customers. When that will be, nobody knows. But someone at Pepper clearly thought it was going to be today!