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What you need to know

  • Apple is dealing with another iCloud Mail outage.
  • Only some users are affected, although it isn't clear how many.

Apple is dealing with another outage, this time relating to its iCloud Mail service. Apple has acknowledged the outage on its online status checker, saying that "some users are affected." It isn't clear exactly how many that is, or what percentage of the user base is currently impacted.

In terms of the issue, Apple also says that users "may be unable to send, receive, or access mail," which is essentially everything they are likely to do with their email.

Apple has historically had issues with its online services and iCloud Mail, in particular, has proven troublesome.

Icloud Mail OutageSource: iMore

Apple is no doubt working to restore service as soon as possible, but that is likely cold comfort for anyone who needs to access their emails right now — especially as Apple works to bring third-party email domains to iCloud+ via iOS 15 later this month. That could mean more people using iCloud Mail for business use — and outages could be a real problem for those people.

On a positive note, it does appear that iCloud Mail is the only service impacted at the time of writing. Hopefully Apple will have a lid on things sooner rather than later — users don't like to be without their email, after all!

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