Jamf Now lets you manage your business' Apple devices — no IT required! [Sponsored]

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, and freelancer, you need your mobile devices with you at all times. Whether it's your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you need three things:

  1. You need your devices to be secure.
  2. You need to be able to manage all of your devices at once.
  3. You need the solution to be affordable.

Jamf can help you with all of these and more — all you need to do is sign up!

Simplify your mobile device management with Jamf Now!

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What is Jamf Now?

Jamf Now is an on-demand mobile device management management solution for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices that are used in your workplace.

It makes management tasks, like deploying Wi-Fi passwords, securing company data, and enforcing passcodes easy and affordable, helping business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and freelancers support their users and devices without needing the help of an IT professional.

How can Jamf Now help me?

It makes life easier

Jamf Now takes the hassle, worry, and tediousness out of IT tasks by letting you input settings once and then sending them to all of your devices. Let every member of your team onto your Wi-Fi network by doling out the password once. Email account information? Add it once. Passcodes? I think you get the picture...

You can also set up each device with the apps it needs to be productive. Set up a blueprint for each device and apply your settings the way you see fit. One employee needs an app but another doesn't? Simple! Set the devices up individually, but you can still batch-input passwords and other settings.

It helps keep your data secure

Jamf Now is cloud-based, so you can manage all of your devices from anywhere at any time. This is perfect for when you're traveling to meet with investors, but someone back home needs an app or a password. You can do it all from one spot.

You can enforce passcodes for specific apps and data, and you can even encrypt your data so that only those authorized to access it can do so. If you or a team member happens to lose a device, don't panic — you can lock the screen, display a message, and even wipe all of your sensitive data remotely.

Can I afford it? Yes!

Jamf Now is incredibly affordable. Right now, iMore readers can manage their first three Apple devices FOR FREE. And that's not just for now, that's forever! After that, it's only $2 per device, per month. That's it; that's all.

Jamf Now is perfect for small businesses that are trying to get on their feet, since you can easily manage a fleet of devices for under $50 a month. You could pay an IT professionals 5 to 10 times that amount or more!

Does Jamf Now sound like the solution for you?

If Jamf Now sounds like it could help you out with your business needs, then sign up today. It's free to create your account, and you can manage your first three devices today, just for being an iMore reader.

Check it out today and simplify your mobile device management with Jamf Now.

Simplify your mobile device management with Jamf Now!

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Mick Symons

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