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Jawbone UP3 review: Tracking your way to better health

The Jawbone UP3 is an update to a well-loved fitness band that adds some much-needed heart rate tracking. I used it while camping out in British Columbia, and while it did a stand-up job keeping tabs on how much I had been hiking, it's so much more than a pedometer.

Jawbone's UP app for iPhone is super slick, and amalgamates data ranging from sleep patterns to mood to activity to food intake to weight and provides real, practical suggestions to improve your health. It's not all about nagging though; the UP app will let you know when you're meeting or exceeding goals and highlight the benefits of these victories. Various notifications will populate your feed day-to-day with links to browse the web for more health-related info, accept challenges, and share relevant tidbits with friends. The app ties in with Apple Health, though only for sleep and step data.

The tracker itself has a comfortable rubber band with a high quality, adjustable clasp. Getting the angle right when affixing that clasp can be a little tricky, but it's very secure. Splash protection means you don't have to worry about taking it off in the shower or while doing dishes. Just don't hop in the pool with it on. Battery life is advertised as up to seven days. I generally got four or five before needing to use the custom USB charging cable.

The front face responds to taps. Two quick taps wakes the UP3 and will blink a light to show which mode it's in. Follow that with a long press to switch between activity and sleep tracking. UP3 can delineate between REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep, positioning it all on a timeline within the app. This is great, because it's not data you can easily get a hold of otherwise, and rarely is sleep an activity you have much control over. There was only one occasion where the reading was flat-out wrong, but most of the data seemed right. Remembering to switch to sleep mode can be a bit of a hassle. I really wish UP's IFTTT channel worked so I could use the band to turn off the Hue and WeMo lights in my room when I flip on sleep mode, since it would be a good prompt to remember. Luckily the app is good about getting sleep data retroactively, even if you don't go into sleep mode.

Jawbone UP3

My favorite feature of the UP3 for me has been the Smart Alarm. It buzzes the UP3 within an ideal window of your sleep cycle in the morning, but before a certain time. On the other side, there are bedtime reminders based on your established sleep schedule. Overall, the UP3 is built well for wearing all day, and the sleep tracking is particularly useful.

The UP3's addition of pulse tracking focuses a lot on Resting Heart Rate. As a rule of thumb, lower is better. You get good longitudinal data for RHR, and the occasional Smart Coach suggestion if there's a significant change in the rating, but there isn't much else to be done with the information except maybe pass it on to your doctor.

You're inheriting just as much obligation as you are convenience.

The UP3 is intense about tracking workouts. There's a stopwatch mode that can keep especially close tabs on how much you're doing within a specific span of time. If you aren't doing something that involves steps, you may need to manually input your type of workout for everything to count. Manual weight-logging is also included, though smart scales from Withings and Escali can automatically beam that data to UP.

Social elements are built in so you can get on a Team to follow the progress of your other UP-toting pals, and challenge them to limited-time duels to see who can sweat the most. These social features are largely wasted on me, since my immediate social circle really isn't into this kind of stuff. It's very easy to lean on the Fitocracy app connection to fill your social circle and establish a workout regimen, though it isn't especially accurate when automatically importing that data into UP.

My biggest complaints have less to do with the UP3 specifically, and more to do with the product category as a whole. This was my first fitness band, and most of the reasons that had kept me from getting one up until now held up. Though something like the Jawbone UP3 affords information that you wouldn't otherwise have easy access to, especially with sleep and heart rate monitoring, you're inheriting just as much obligation as you are convenience.

For a full-spectrum, accurate reading on your health, you'll need to manually correct some data, and input plenty of your own, particularly when it comes to food. Tracking food can be a chore. UP's database of items and calorie counts are extensive, but you also have to check the serving size and make sure it lines up with how much you're eating. A barcode scanner helps a little bit, but it can pull in confusing results as often as not. Jawbone has partnered up with a few services to make this process more painless, such as Yummly and Orange Chef. On the whole, I treated the dietary data and the subsequent suggestions as very general.

Jawbone UP3 clasp

That said, you'll get as much out of the UP3 as you put into it. Folks who are already focused on living healthy and want to perpetually improve will already be motivated to make use of everything the UP3 has to offer. Similarly, those who are in bad shape and are dedicated to getting healthier will have a lot of tools at their disposal here. Anyone between those two extremes, like me, will likely pushed into ambivalence after the 50th. time the idle alarm reminds you to stand up from the desk. Ultimately I don't know that the UP3 improved my behaviour any more than my personal sensibilities already do.

$180 Buy now (opens in new tab)

As a pure fitness tracker, UP3 does fine — great, even — but if you're going to be investing time and attention into a wearable, additional conveniences offered by an Apple Watch such as notifications and apps may be necessary to make it worthwhile. Jawbone seems to recognize this kind of convenience, and is integrating American Express tap payments into their next generation fitness tracker, the UP4. As it stands, the Jawbone UP3 is a great tracker for the ongoing and burgeoning fitness nut.

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  • Great review Simon I am in the same boat as you. i to this point havent used a fitness tracker. 180 is still a little steep for 5 days of use. i have always said that i would end up with a jawbone model. i like the nest integration they have and that smart alarm. did you happen to use the smart alarm and did it wake you at better times? did you actually feel less tired when waking up?
  • I'd say I'm a bit more alert with the smart alarm, yeah. I tend to oversleep, so the smart alarm will buzz at the earliest the window allows most mornings. Obviously I'd rather stay in bed, but I get a bit more time before breakfast now. Added bonus of not waking up anyone you happen to share a bed with.
  • I own an UP2 and for 100$, it does the same, except for the heart rate tracking witch I don't care. I'm very happy whit it and the app is very good, You can also pair it with other app like Myfitnesspal, IFTTT, WALLO, SmartThings and more.
  • I really like the UP software, but my experience with the bands leaves a great deal to be desired. I first had an UP24, which worked great until it didn't at age 7 months. (Apparently a common problem.) They sent me an UP2 as a replacement. The UP2:
    - clasp is constantly slipping out and falling off my wrist, unless I tighten the band to the point where it rubs the skin off my arm;
    - is difficult to switch modes with the touch interface, which is often hard to get a response from;
    - cannot be switched into stopwatch (workout) mode without the phone app;
    - crashes several times a week, to where I have to reboot it using the charging cable;
    - drops its pairing to the phone about every 30 hours requiring me to repeat the pairing process with the charging cable and the app. Or maybe they sent me a defective band to replace the other defective band, I don't know. I really do want to like the UP because the software is great. But if I had to do it over again, I'd get an Apple Watch.
  • I had pairing problems once or twice before the review. I've had it on my Android device for a few days now, and the pairing stability has noticeably worsened. I agree on stopwatch mode. Been using it a bit more lately, and it is a hassle of going to the app.
  • I just ignore it now. If I go for a walk, the software asks me later, "You were busy. Was that a workout?" Filling in after the fact seems to work fine... perhaps depending on what your workout is.
  • The important thing for me (in addition to some fitness tracking) is notifications. I decided on a Garmin Vivosmart and am quite happy.
    After using the Vivosmart for a week, I feel confident in recommending it.
    I was considering an  Watch, but the one I liked was $900.00 yikes! The important issues for me was notifications because if I'm in a noisy environment, I will miss notifications with the iPhone in my pocket. The Vivosmart solves this, vibrating on my wrist when one comes in. That could be a notification such as a text messages, email, Facebook, Twitter etc. Anything you have set for notifications will now buzz on your wrist and you can do a quick look on your wrist to see if immediate action is required.
    Also if your phone rings, the Vivosmart will display who's calling.
    The device also tracks your movement (if your iPhone has this capability: 5s or newer but I'm not certain of this).
    The functions via the band took a few days to get the hang of and the app is pretty good but not always very intuitive. Pros:
    -Good battery life (looks like about a week to a charge)
    -Shows how many miles walked, steps taken and number left to reach your goal.
    -can be authorized to sync with MyFitnessPal app.
    -Gives you a buzz reward "GOAL!!" when you reach your daily step goal.
    -If you mistakenly leave your iPhone behind, you will get a buzz when the Bluetooth connection is lost. A nice feature.
    -Very comfortable.
    -It would appear to be very durable and I would think very water resistant.
    - if you need to be quiet, you can turn down the volume on the phone and let the Vivosmart quietly let you know when you are getting notified. Cons:
    -Not very readable display in bright sunlight even with the screen brightness turned all the way up. (Excellent otherwise)
    -Not a very intuitive setup. (I thought I had it set up because I was getting notifications, but when I tried to control my music volume I got a "No App Connection " error. I had to go to the app on the phone under devices where it showed the Vivosmart but said it wasn't paired. After several attempts it finally paired and all of the features are now working)
    -sizing was an odd thing. They come in large and small; no medium. They both fit me. The small for me is as big as it goes. The large fits also but with a lot of excess strap underneath. I opted for the small because it felt better (and maybe an incentive for me to not put on any weight).
    -I'm not loving the Garmin Connect app. Conclusion:
    It's not an  Watch but costs about 70% less and it does what I need.
  • My Band #UP3 stop working like on this VIDEO This happen after my Band got Firmware update, I was try contact support and still didn't got any feedback :(((
  • Is it the white notification with a vibrate when plugging in? Had that happen to my fiancés when we updated the firmware. I called jawbone support and had them walk me through steps to try to fix it (all of which I already tried but let them try again) and once I said it still wasn't working, they sent her out a new one. We got a brand new one in the box with a new charging cable and everything exactly as you would get from the store. All we had to do was send just the band back in the box it came in. They even gave us a label with return shipping. Good customer service experience for us. Sent from the iMore App
  • I read that there are some Firmware updates coming/here already which address some of the Up3 short comings. That being said. Amazon has it on sale right now in the US for $119. Not a bad deal if you wanted to check it out. Here's the link -