The Jet Black iPhone 7, up close

The iPhone 7 is here! Except for the Jet Black model, that is. Unless you ordered one right when pre-orders opened, you may not be getting that particular model — all shiny "nine-step process of anodization and polishing," and extremely difficult to photograph — until later in October or even November.

But we thought, this finish is so nice (and will only stay new and scratch-free for so long) we'd snap some photos with our delicious macro lens. You know, for science.

You can see the camera bump now extrudes from the chassis itself in one continuous piece. It's certainly not subtle, but Apple did add optical image stabilization and an extra element to the new f/1.8 lens, so that's a worthy tradeoff in my opinion.

The headphone jack-free bottom is now even more symmetrical (you're welcome, Rene), and Apple has integrated the antennas, especially on the darker Jet Black and black models, so seamlessly with the aluminum chassis that it's difficult to tell they're there.

iPhone 7

Finally, the solid-state home button may not look all that different, but it feels unbelievably strange at first, turning into something satisfying and finally lovely after a few hours. And that shiny Apple logo and iPhone insignia — they really jump off the black surface.

What do you think? Are you going to hold out for the Jet Black model, or have you gone with something else?

Daniel Bader is a Senior Editor at iMore, offering his Canadian analysis on Apple and its awesome products. In addition to writing and producing, Daniel regularly appears on Canadian networks CBC and CTV as a technology analyst.

  • I know the Apple Watch SS Space Black is not the same material. But I wonder how does it compare with the Jet Black polished aluminum.
  • This one is much more glossy and polished, and considerably lighter (not overall, but on the surface of the metal, if that makes sense). Feels very different. I'll take some photos of the two and post 'em in the forums.
  • Would be great if you could alsontake a photo of space gray AE and black iPhone. Those two look very similar in color looking at pics from the web.
  • Jet Black full Clown Phone for me! (sometime in November though, sob!) Microabrasions shmicroabrasions! Those are indications of loving use and character! At least that will be my story. And no, I will not be putting it in a case, that's why I got a Jet Black, to match my soul!
  • Hear, hear! After a couple of days, mine is already a bit scratched — mainly near the bottom around the Lightning port — but it's bearable. Enjoy yours!
  • in two of the pictures the torx screws appear to have marks on them like they have seen action. Can you provide closer or full resolution photos so we can see those?
  • I just checked my unit — definitely no action on them. Must be the light reflecting off the aluminum next to it.
  • Will definitely be my next color ! That jet black is amazing Sent from the iMore App
  • Does the home button actually feel "lovely"? I've heard most reviews aren't too sold on it. Only on iMore have I heard the term, "Lovely". I'd imagine it takes getting used to but is it truly a better solution for the end user? Personally, I've never had issues with my home button. Were there that many people who did?
  • I have an iPad 2 with a nearly non-functional home button (it works about 5% of the time). We also have an unused iPhone 4 with a completely non-functional home button.
  • I typically upgrade my devices regularly so that has never been an issue. I guess I'd imagine by now those older phones and iPads would have having a list of issues.
  • That's true, however devices should be built to last for as long as possible, not everyone wants to upgrade their iPhone every year or 2 years
  • We are talking about technology here. And if one is still using an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2, I'd say that's pretty good since we are well past those devices. Neither of those are even getting current iOS updates anymore.
  • Just because a device is no longer receiving software updates doesn't mean you shouldn't be using it, unless you're going to buy these people new devices. Some people don't have the money for it, or the upgrades aren't worth it because the phone that they bought years ago did the job they needed it to do and still does today. Despite this, devices, no matter how long they're going to be used for, should be built to last as long as possible, otherwise you're essentially making devices which are designed to break if you know of an improvement which could prevent it from happening. The new Home button isn't bad, it just takes some time to get used to. I upgraded from a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro which had a trackpad which had a physical button click to a Mid-2015 MacBook Pro which has the same technology as the new Home button on the iPhone 7. It was weird at first, but after a day of usage I quickly got used to it and it's just normal now. It'll be the same for the iPhone 7, it's just getting used to change, change designed to make the device work better
  • Ones financial situation doesn't change the fact that technology degrades with time. Normal wear and tear on a device we use daily will have effects as the years pass.
  • I can't speak for Rene or Serenity but yes I think it feels lovely.
  • Iphone 7 is not an upgrade at all would say more a downgrade without a headphone jack. iphone 6s is still good and dont see people buying it for the colour. most of them put a case on. what is the reason to buy a iphone 7? still waiting for the real review. iphone 7 plus is maybe an upgrade due to the new camera but worse 1000$? no way.
  • Depends what you want. It's an upgrade technologically speaking for sure. The A10 chip is much faster (like 40% I've read), the camera now has OIS and an additional lens element and faster focus and better processing, so better photos especially in low light, the battery is bigger and the A10 more efficient due to additional low power cores so you get more performance AND an hour or two more battery life (that's an upgrade on any phone). So saying it's not an upgrade at all is quite ridiculous. And every phone won't have a headphone jack in the next 1-2 years so just stop with that whining already. Better get used to it now. If you have a 6S no one says you have to upgrade. Most average people upgrade every 2 years so this is a HUGE upgrade over an iPhone 6. None of the competition makes any greater leaps, this is how tech progresses. The Galaxy S7 is also an interative update over the S6, it too just has better camera, faster processor, better battery life, and looks nearly the same.
  • I have the 6s plus and I'm finding it hard to upgrade. I'm going wait a month or so and read all the complaints and reviews on the forums before I decide. Posted via the Note 5 or iPhone 6s Plus
  • To be fair, I would not have updated my 6S Plus to a 7 Plus had it not been for the T-Mobile deal. Seems silly to turn down a free phone.
  • Matte black 7 here. I sold my 6S two months ago, as I do every year before a new release. I can honestly say I'm not as big of a fan of the color as I thought I would be. If I could do it all over, I wouldn't have sold my space grey 6S and would've kept it another year. I may just exchange for the silver. Still debating. Only thing holding me back is that I love black screens. I'm honestly in agony about the decision. As far as how good the phone is, it's awesome. Taptic Engine is much more powerful. I love the home button. Camera is killer. Screen brightness is awesome and it's very, very fast. Fast as it is though, it doesn't 'feel' like it blows the 6s out of the water like it supposedly does on paper. The 6s is plenty fast and if you can stand it, you could easily hold out another year. Also, for what it's worth, I couldn't care less about the headphone jack. I think all the crybabies need to get over it. It's **** on an ant. Sent from the iMore App
  • Can I have an editor job? lol You can see the camera bump NOW extrudes from the chassis itself in one continuous piece.
    Finally, the solid-state home button may not look all that DIFFERENT,
  • You're hired! (Sorry about that, I was just so excited to get this up this morning!)
  • I must say I underestimated how much I would love the new home button. I would always be hesitant to double click to multitask on my iPhone 6 as I worried it might wear out, plus it just wasn't all that comfortable. Now, no qualms whatsoever.
  • I haven't seen the jet black in person yet, but solely the fact that it's very prone to scratches puts it on the last place when choosing my next phone's color.
  • I pre-ordered the Matte Black 7 Plus. I went into the Apple Store on Friday to take a look at them in person while I await the shipping of mine. I'm definitely glad I got the Matte Black one, now that I have actually seen it in person. Looks great and I have no regrets. Well, except for being so excited to pre-order last Friday that I put the wrong phone in the cart. Then after clearing it, the site (T-Mobile) reset, and I was unable to get the order page to come up until 3 hours later. So that made my estimated ship date Sept. 26th-Oct. 10th, instead of the original estimated ship date of Sept. 19th.
  • Nice bokeh but photos are totally useless.
  • Why are they useless?