Apple Watch Series 5

What you need to know

  • Health insurance companies are realizing the benefits of Apple Watch.
  • John Hancock is offering a discounted Series 5.
  • Wearers earn points to pay for the watch.

Health insurance companies seem to be learning that Apple Watch can help it save money by getting people moving. Insurance company John Hancock is now offering customers an Apple Watch Series 5 for just $25 if they use it to become more active. Presumably saving the company money in the long run.

The new John Hancock Vitality Apple Watch program, spotted by 9to5Mac, sees customers receive an Apple Watch Series 5 in 40mm size for $25, although they can pay more and upgrade to a cellular or 44mm model instead.

No matter which they buy, the program works the same. Customers earn points by meeting movement targets. Those targets differ depending on a customer's fitness levels, with the aim being to accrue enough points to cover the monthly payment towards the watch.

Whether they like to walk, run, bike or swim, it's easy for participants to share their activities and earn points that go toward monthly payments for their watch over a two-year period. John Hancock Vitality members are able to fully fund their watch by meeting monthly physical activity targets.

If customers don't meet their goals, they have to pay for the watch over the course of two years.

John Hancock presumably believes that by getting people moving and encouraging them to be more active it can save money on medication and procedures in the longer term. It could be years before we know whether that's actually how things pan out, or if all the injuries people sustain though their newfound need to exercise balances it all out.