Join the discussion: Are large bezels on iPhones outdated?

It's not news that there have been phones released recently that have little to no bezel incorporated into their design, but does that mean if the new iPhone has a larger bezel, it's, well, lame?

So with the new crop of android devices, and the rumored iPhone 8 with minimal bezels, do you think that smartphones with large bezels now look outdated?


Some people say that the concept of a larger bezel isn't necessarily dated, just kind of odd...

I wouldn't say dated, just weird. I started to really notice the bezels on my 7 Plus recently and realizing how large they actually are.


While others say that it would for sure look dated, especially compared to some of the newest phones available out there...

Yes, I do. Going back and forth between my work iPhone and my S8+, the iPhone definitely seems dated. The extra screen area of the S8+ is great. Hoping the next crop of iPhone catch up or surpass it.


But what do you think?

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