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Join the discussion: are large phone bezels faded and outdated?

It's no surprise that there have been more phones made with smaller and smaller bezels, showing a trend that a thicker border is on the way out.

The new Galaxy S8 stretched edge to edge, making people raise an eyebrow at what Apple might have up their sleeve with the launch of the iPhone 8… but what do you think?

So with the new crop of android devices, and the rumored iPhone 8 with minimal bezels, do you think that smartphones with large bezels now look outdated?


Some people say that after going from a phone with a light bezel to an iPhone 7 Plus, things feels a bit "dated"...

Having used the S8+ for a number of weeks with the 7 Plus, I definitely noticed and felt like the 7 Plus was "dated". Ultimately though I chose to stick with the 7 Plus and sold the S8+. Now that I have been back to using the 7 Plus for a couple weeks, the bezels don't bother me. There were plenty of times I missed having some bezel when using the S8+ too. At the end of the day function is...


While others say that even though a bigger bezel is outdated, it's not nessisarily a bad thing for security and durability...

From an aesthetics standpoint, yes, the larger bezels look outdated. From a usability standpoint, I always feel like I'm this-close to dropping the S8+ and still get many, many annoying accidental touches - because it's basically bezel-less. None of that happens with the iPhone 7 Plus.


Hop on into the iMore forums today and let us know if you're team no-bezel or team bezel and why!

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  • They'll make a comeback as retro designs in a couple of years. Joking aside, I've never used a "bezelless" phone before - closest was probably my old beloved Nokia N9 (the one running Meego) - so I can't really comment on any usability differences. I actually quite like the iPhone having bezels when using it in landscape mode (eg: gaming), since it allows me to rest part of my palm (the soft bit below the thumb, no idea what the anatomical term is) when I want to.
  • Tail fins, or no tail fins?
  • I don't mind a top and bottom bezel if its for a good reason (front facing stereo speakers as an example), but I really don't like side bezels. For example, the design of Sony's XA line. I like the minimal side bezels and don't mind the top and bottom.