Join the discussion: Are you saving up for an Apple Watch Series 3?

When the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced last year, people were pumped about new waterproof features, the new rose gold and other color options, and even the new Disney faces!

Now there's a chance that the Apple Watch Series 3 is on the horizon, which begs the question: are you saving up for one?

You saving up for one? Or did you buy a Series 2 (like I did) and are planning on holding off until the Series 4? Suppose the real question is what Apple introduces in the next one. If the features (and form factor!) offer a lot of good things, I might have to do the upgrade... but from all I've heard so far, am really not sure. The next gen AW might be an opportunity to grab a Series 2 at...

James Falconer

Some people say that if the Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't knock their socks off, they'll go for the Nike+ this year...

I've got both money and Ramen put aside for this spring. I've got plastic and I'm not afraid to use it. So it's either a Series 3 if it rocks my socks or a Nike+ if it doesn't.

Mac Guy

While others say that they'd really have to be blown away to pick up a third watch in 3 years...

I would have to be blown away to buy a 3rd watch in 3 years. I got the series 2 because of the waterproofing (I swim a lot during the spring-summer) and the gps (running/hiking all year).


But what do you think?

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