Join the discussion: Are you saving up for an Apple Watch Series 3?

When the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced last year, people were pumped about new waterproof features, the new rose gold and other color options, and even the new Disney faces!

Now there's a chance that the Apple Watch Series 3 is on the horizon, which begs the question: are you saving up for one?

You saving up for one? Or did you buy a Series 2 (like I did) and are planning on holding off until the Series 4? Suppose the real question is what Apple introduces in the next one. If the features (and form factor!) offer a lot of good things, I might have to do the upgrade... but from all I've heard so far, am really not sure. The next gen AW might be an opportunity to grab a Series 2 at...

James Falconer

Some people say that if the Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't knock their socks off, they'll go for the Nike+ this year...

I've got both money and Ramen put aside for this spring. I've got plastic and I'm not afraid to use it. So it's either a Series 3 if it rocks my socks or a Nike+ if it doesn't.

Mac Guy

While others say that they'd really have to be blown away to pick up a third watch in 3 years...

I would have to be blown away to buy a 3rd watch in 3 years. I got the series 2 because of the waterproofing (I swim a lot during the spring-summer) and the gps (running/hiking all year).


But what do you think?

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  • No.
  • Just got Nike series 2 from bestbuy with the 70$ discount so I’m content for while.
  • Yes.
  • Heck ya. I've bought the cheapest option for both the original and Series 2, migrating the original to my wife. When I get the 3, she'll get the 2 and I'll sell the original. I may pop for the larger size this time due to my eyesight.
  • Will only upgrade if the AW series 3 gets a cellular option. They better not change the watch band lugs or I'm going to be out alot of money. Can we please get official podcast support????
  • I have been putting off getting a Watch for as long as I could. I never used to wear a watch until a year ago last Christmas when my sister got me a Ministry of Silly Walks watch that shows the time by the positions of his legs..
    Since then I've been saying I won't get an Apple Watch until it does what this one does: It makes me smile every time I look at it. But my nephew just got a Watch as a perk of his new job, and a neice of mine just got a rose gold one for her birthday, so I'm watching them very closely.
    I did go ahead and order a Pride watch band for the Watch I don't have yet, so, yeah I guess I am holding out for the Apple Watch 3.
  • I've still got the original aluminium 38mm Sports watch and I have no plans to buy another. It still does what I need it to do and the battery is still running the same after two years of use.
  • I got a stainless steel gen 1 Apple Watch at launch and then bought a Nike Series 2 at the beginning of the 2017. The only reason I upgraded was because I was never comfortable wearing that stainless steel watch working out or any rough outside activity and if I was going to drop money on a new watch, may as well get the latest. My job requires suit and tie a couple of days a week so I usually break out the gen. 1 for those days and church on Sunday and wear the Series 2 the rest of the time. I'm still perfectly happy with the gen. 1 seeing that I still wear it at least a third of the time so it would really take a lot of bells and whistles to make me buy a series 3.
  • I bought the apple watch series 0, and i won't change my apple watch until it doesn't work 👍🏻 (i've done kayaking, and mountain biking with my watch always on)