If you've cracked your iPhone and had the screen replaced, can Apple honestly tell? Join the discussion in the iMore forums and let us know what your opinions are!

Sometimes, life happens and you crack your iPhone screen — and sometimes after you crack your iPhone screen, you get it replaced from the help of a kinda sketchy third party.

You know, one of those shops that's always advertising SUPER CHEAP iPHONE SCREEN REPLACEMENTS NOW!!!!!!!!! with neon signs and a bajillion flashing lights.

Regardless of however or wherever you go to to get your screen fixed, some people are wondering if getting it replaced will hurt their chances of turning in and upgrading their iPhone in the future.

02-06-2015 08:57 AM

A friend of mine just called me to inquire about whether Apple would be able to tell he had his screen replaced on his 6 Plus in the event he wanted to trade it and upgrade next year. He broke his screen, ordered one online, will have the guys at his school replace it. I have NO clue as to what they do and can/can't determine about your device so I'm asking here because I'm sure someone has...


But what do you think?

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