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Being subscribed and paying for a couple of apps here and there is a totally common thing nowadays, but stuff can start to get pricey when you add 'em all up.

Other people have one or two apps they pay and keep up to date while some stray from them all together, so we're asking you in the iMore forums:

How many Apps do you Subscribe to?

It's gotten to where just about any kind of app wants you to pay them each month with subscriptions for this and that. They can add up to a big chunk of a monthly budget. I don't mind paying for an app or an in app purchase, but I'm not yet going to pay a monthly fee to use an app. For some, it's just outright gouging users. Especially when the app was already paid for, then instead of updating...


Out of my own mad money; Apple Music and Carrot Weather. I have small inexpensive subs for all kinds of things just for me, and not all of them related to my phone. Netflix, SiriusXM, and other streaming services are paid with our mutual entertainment monthly fund.


I pay for Carrot, At Bat, and a “safe” kids video app called Jellies. Other than that I’m pretty much in the same school of thought as you.

Rob Phillips

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