Join the discussion: How many smartwatches do you have?

Owning a smartwatch can be beneficial for you in a billion different ways, but some people like variety in their wearable accessories, so it's no surprise that some have collections of sorts.

Are you one of those people who has a couple of different smartwatches to choose from? Or do you have one reliable piece that's your go-to for everything?

I have the Samsung GearS2 and the Apple Watch series 1 I made the switch to Apple because Samsung works with Apple and I was frustrated with the phone, but not the watch. BUT after getting the iphone I decided to get the Apple Watch and I haven't worn my Samsung since. I have an early termination fee to pay should I shut off the watch because it was a standalone on my account and can be used...


Some people claim that they have around 4 different smartwatches in their collection...

Four: AW SS AW Sport, Gold AW Sport, Black AWS2 Aluminum, Gold

Mac Guy

While others have the original Apple Watch and are happy to be stickin' to it!

I only have my first generation Watch, and the way it’s going, I won’t need anything else for quite some time...


But what about you?

Hop on into the iMore forums and join the discussion today to let us know how many smartwatches you have, which ones you intend to pick up in the future, and which ones you'd avoid like the plague!

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