Join the discussion: Is the iPhone 7 Plus antenna worse?

So you've just upgraded to your iPhone 7 Plus! The phone is pretty, the camera is sharp AF, and the untouched screen looks like it's sent from the heavens; but what about the antenna?

Some people online have speculated that the antenna for the iPhone 7 Plus is worse at providing consistent service than other cell phone models, while others claim that they haven't had any poor reception with their iPhone 7 Plus.

Folks has anyone else had any issues with your reception on your 7+? I have a g6 and a 256g 7+ (on T mobile) and have noticed I have more service on my g6 than 7+ some times.... Fyi they are side by side comparisons ...... Thanks folks......


While there are those that claim their iPhone 7 Plus has better reception than most of the other phones they've used...

I find my 7 plus has better reception than all my other iPhones.

Larry Cook1

… There are others who have noticed a difference between their iPhones in one way or another…

I've not noticed a difference from my 6s plus and the 7plus one way or another.

Not Quite Right

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