Join the discussion: My iPhone 7 Plus (jet black) is stained! Help?

There aren't many things that are worse than dropping and cracking your iPhone screen, but what about when your iPhone accidentally gets stained? #THEHORROR.

Stains on an iPhone can be caused by a number of things; being in the case too long, contact with foreign chemicals or products, and so much more. But if you get a stain on your iPhone, how the heck are you supposed to get it clean again?!

Anyone know how this happened and how to fix maybe? A wet cloth does no help

Statik SA1

Some people have recommended using alcohol, but others are hesitant about what it might do to your iPhone's finish…

Have you tried alcohol? JUST a small amount and lightly rubbed. HOWEVER it appears to be the "micro" abrasions that Apple warned people about at the time of purchase.


While others claim that the iPhone in the photos is actually 'pitted', or like sand got in their case

Looks pitted. Like sand got in your case.


Stained iPhone or no, what are your techniques for keeping your tech squeaky clean? Hop on into the forums and let us know your best tricks for keeping your iPhone stain-free and stylish!

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