Join the discussion: Is this the real life, is it just fantasy? Supposed iPhone 8 in someone's pretty hand…

People have voiced their opinions and theories on what the iPhone 8 is going to look like for some time, but others online are offering up hints about the latest iPhone model design with a series of five images showing off what looks to be the latest version of the iPhone.

But, is it the official iPhone 8?

Exclusive: The world’s first look at Apple’s final iPhone 8 design in real life – BGR Supposed iPhone 8 mock up in the hands of a lovely person. I'm actually pretty stoked if this is a real mockup. What are your thoughts?


Some people say that if this is the look of the iPhone 8, they aren't overly thrilled with the design…

I gotta be honest...I don't like it. :(


Man, I just can't get over that ugly camera design. Hope they don't use it.


While others say that the position of the camera is a bit off-putting to them…

Yeah, that camera position threw me off a little. It's like they used the 7 Plus as a test for the new dual camera and then decided the heck with camera placement.


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  • I'd buy a note 8 if this is the best apple can do in design. Trying hard not to jump on the Galaxy but the note 7 had me until it left and with that s-pen I'd go back if this is all we have to look forward to.
  • what the **** is that back! look cheap as out!
  • Not a huge fan of the camera on the back, but with that being said, if apple finally shrunk those monstrous bezels and put a larger screen in it I will be all over it. Only reason I didn't get the plus is because it is way too large for the screen size you get. This would be perfect... and get the dual cameras!
  • Same here. I liked the idea of a big screen when using the phone, but for carrying and comfort, the Plus was too big. The regulars, for me, are the sweet spot.
  • Fine with me. I don't nitpick the design of phones anymore, unless they're completely absurd. The above photo is a rectangle with rounded edges, probably will have some new, fun features and does everything I need a phone to do. I don't care about buttons shapes or camera lenses because I never look at them anyway, once I have the phone. As long as I'm not holding the pyramid-shaped tablet from The Office, I'm good with something along these lines.
  • This could very easily be fake, I wouldn't worry yet