Join the discussion: Swiftkey or iOS keyboard?

You probably already know that there are a ton of different keyboards you can use on your iPhone and iPad! Whether you're a big fan of downloading different alternatives to the standard like Swiftkey, or you prefer to stick to the iOS keyboard, there are plenty of options for typing your texts and emails in style.

But if you had to pick, would you go for the iOS keyboard or Swiftkey? (Or another option altogether?)

Which one is better in your opinion and why? I like the iOS one but it annoys me that I can't customize it.

Miss Daredevil

Some people say because they used Swiftkey on Android, they were more than happy to install and use it on iOS ...

I was using SwiftKey on Android and decided to keep using it on IOS.


… While others say it totally depends on the user, their writing habits, etc.

Which is better depends on a user's preference. I simply use the stock keyboard because it's sufficient for my usage. I've tried Swiftkey, Swype, Word Flow and others, but I always end up returning to the stock keyboard.


But if you had to pick, what would be your choice?

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