Jump Rope Challenge players have jumped approximately 5.3 million times worldwide

Jump Rope Challenge Multiplayer
Jump Rope Challenge Multiplayer (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • Jump Rope Challenge is a free fitness game where players simulate jumping rope with the Joy-Con.
  • Nintendo recently reported that players have jumped approximately 5.3 million times.
  • The game recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on June 15, 2021.

Despite an on-going pandemic, Nintendo has done their best to keep smiles on their players' faces. The global situation has hindered many aspects of life, including game develppment, though the result is video games selling extremely well.

As a courtesy to players who were forced to spend more time at home, whether to work from home or because of lay-offs, Nintendo released a free title called Jump Rope Challenge on the Nintendo Switch. This game was meant to keep players active by simulating the motion of jumping tope with the Joy-Con. Players could set daily goals, and even play with other people in their homes.

In a recent report regarding sustainability efforts, Nintendo outlined their release of Jump Rope Challenge as one of their initiatives for their customers as one of their responses to the pandemic. Nintendo reported that Jump Rope Challenge players have jumped approximately 5.3 million times as of June 2021, which is pretty impressive considering that the game released on June 15, 2020.

Nintendo did announce that they hoped to make the game a limited one, but have since renounced their decision to remove it from the Nintendo eShop. While there are many multiplayer games that players can engage with to stay fit during the pandemic, such as the Just Dance series, it's always good to have cheap or free options for fans who may need to save money in uncertain economic times.

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