Keep up with the 2013 FA Cup final on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

The 2013 Final of one of the worlds biggest football tournaments is coming up, so here's the apps you need to keep up with the action on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Saturday May 11 sees the 2013 FA Cup come to a climax, with the final taking place at London's Wembley Stadium. The FA Cup is one of the worlds oldest and greatest football tournaments -- that's the real football by the way, with the round ball -- and draws huge interest from all around the world. In the UK of course, the FA Cup is a massive occasion. We can't all be at the game, or watching on television, but with our iPhones, iPads and even Macs, we can keep up to the minute with all the action. Read on for a selection of the best, though please do bear in mind that some content could be limited to those of us in the UK.


Without a doubt, TVCatchup is one of, if not the very best way to enjoy the FA Cup final on your iOS device. Compatible with iPhone and iPad, TVCatchup provides slightly delayed live TV coverage of pretty much all of the UK free-to-air TV channels. Since the match is being played out on ITV, TVCatchup will have it all for you. Better yet, it broadcasts the ITV1+1 channel, so if you miss the first half, you get the chance to catch it an hour later. TVCatchup also operates a website, which is handy if you happen to find yourself in front of your Mac and not the TV.

You need to put up with some ads, and be mindful that it's pretty intensive on data, but you'll be able to watch every single minute. TVCatchup does check on first launch that you're using a UK based ISP, so you will need to be local to use it.

TuneIn Radio

One of the best internet radio streaming apps out there, TuneIn Radio needs little introduction. Stations such as BBC Radio 5 Live and Talksport will be covering the action live, and TuneIn Radio can access them all. In fact, any radio station, anywhere, that is going to cover the match in someway is likely in the vast catalog of choices in TuneIn Radio. You can pay to get the pro version, or take the free one and some ads.


While talking about internet radio, it would be foolish not to mention iTunes on the Mac. It could be easy to overlook, but since it's sat there on your Mac, it's worth making use of. The radio tab is little more than a list of radio stations split down by category, but there's plenty of them. If you're going to find yourself in front of your Mac all day and can't tune in to a video stream, iTunes has you covered for all the stations you'll need to listen to the whole thing live.

BBC Sport

If you haven't the time to take in all the action as it happens, then BBC Sport is a great go-to app to keep up with the latest scores. It's a good app to have all round, but for keeping up with football matches BBC Sport offers a 'videprinter' service, with regular text updates on everything happening at the stadium.

Beyond this selection, here's a few apps that deserve an honorable mention in helping provide that FA Cup Final experience:

So, those are my picks. While I'm hoping to be able to tune in and watch the game live on television, any or all of these apps could come to my rescue if I'm torn away. What are your suggestions? Be sure to share them with us in the comments, and enjoy the game!

Richard Devine

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