The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are made for kids. They're light and easy to take up a bunk bed, into a tree-house, or on a long road trip. They're also incredibly accessible, with multitouch and direct manipulation making them the ideal first computers for children of all ages. There are a ton of accessories to help protect them from high-impact toddlers, enhance them for kids eager to experiment with arts and sciences, or personalize them for teens eager to express their own style. There are also apps. Apps that can help kids learn all about the world around them, and achieve anything their hearts desire. And they all work together, so an iPhone or iPad can monitor a baby as it sleeps, help them learn to write and color in kindergarten, and even let them control the color of the color and intensity of their study lights in high school.

Yet the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are also safe. There are parental controls which let mom and dad restrict access to features and to apps, to set the age rating of everything from the web to videos, to make sure kids only have access to exactly what they should have access to. There's also a dedicated "Kids" section in the App Store with even more stringent supervision to make sure the apps and games you get for your kids are absolutely appropriate for their age. Parents and teachers can even lock a device to a single app to help with focus and to keep everyone on task. The options are almost as limitless as the potential.

Here are the very best iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and accessories of kids.

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