BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Review: Distraction-free listening for kiddos

Buddyphones Cosmos Headphones Microphone
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Bottom line: Listen, study, game, and talk on the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ headphones for kids. Rest assured that kids won't be easily distracted, and their hearing won't be damaged since these cans have both ANC and safe audio technology.


  • +

    Active noise cancellation and Studymode settings

  • +

    Comfortable and durable

  • +

    Built-in safe audio with volume limit

  • +

    Great for travel


  • -

    The fit will be a bit big for toddlers

  • -

    Lacks voice assistant compatibility for kid's devices

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Ever since I gifted my kids with their first pair of BuddyPhones for pandemic-related homeschooling, my son has been a bit jealous that his sister's pair was wireless and his was not. Now he's a happy camper indeed with the newest release from BuddyPhones, the Cosmos+ model that comes with wireless Bluetooth functionality, active noise cancellation, and a cool detachable microphone. These are some seriously cool headphones for kids, but of course, now it's his sister that's jealous. You just can't win, can you?

Since he got his new Cosmos+, my son has used them for gaming, Teams chats with classmates, and for a quick airplane trip to Bogotá. The new headphones have worked beautifully for most of his favorite activities, and they come with a really nice carry case so he can happily drag them everywhere. Thankfully, they are durable enough to weather some abuse. There was only one listening activity that he couldn't use his Cosmos+ for, so I'll go into that below.

BuddyPhones Cosmos+: Price and availability

Buddyphones Cosmos Plus Kids

Buddyphones Cosmos Plus Kids (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The BuddyPhones Cosmos+ are a brand new release, so you'll only find them on the official BuddyPhones website for now. I'm sure they'll eventually be sold at Amazon and Walmart like other BuddyPhones, but for now, there's only one place to get them. They're going right now for $100, but if they go on sale, we'll include them in our iMore Deals feed.

BuddyPhones Cosmos+: Big earpads and big tech for little listeners

Buddyphones Cosmos

Buddyphones Cosmos (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The first thing I noticed about the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ was the big, ultra-soft earpads. I have some ANC headphones of my own, and these seem to be of even better quality. The large earpad is super comfortable, and it covers the entire ear, creating a good seal to cancel out ambient noise. Even with the ANC turned off, the earpads work to cancel out noise all by themselves. The headband is also soft, and my son feels perfectly comfortable wearing these headphones for any amount of time.

We experimented with both the ANC switch and the Studymode setting and noticed the difference right away. While the ANC functionality is not as impressive as the ANC you would find in an expensive pair of Bose or Beats cans, it's more than enough for a kid. When we took the headphones on a trip through the airport and a quick flight, he was happily ensconced in his own little world of video games and movie soundtracks, with no distraction from the loud ambient noise. The Studymode is also very cool, enhancing the sound of voices when he chats and plays online games with his friends. This is an excellent tool for virtual classes, as well. (Thankfully, my kids are back at in-person school right now, but it's an important advantage to note.)

When we took the headphones on a trip through the airport and a quick flight, my son was happily ensconced in his own little world of video games and movie soundtracks.

Speaking of travel, the Cosmos+ fold down flat and fit into the convenient carry case like a charm. My son has been carrying them everywhere, and the tough little case holds up well. It's easy to slip into a backpack, and the lightweight design doesn't weigh him down.

My son enjoys the fun, colorful design of his Cosmos+, and I enjoy the fact that he can turn the volume all the way up without any damage to his hearing. We keep the headphones at the default "kid's mode" safe audio setting, so the volume will never exceed 85 decibels. Since he's been getting into music lately, I'm happy knowing he can't listen too loudly. There is also a travel mode (94 decibels) and a toddler mode (75 decibels), so parents can keep close tabs on children's volume, even for the smallest listeners. With respect to tiny listeners, I'm not sure these headphones would fit the smallest of kids, which brings me to my next point in the following section.

BuddyPhones Cosmos+: But will they fit?

Buddyphones Cosmos Kids Headphones

Buddyphones Cosmos Kids Headphones (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

Just looking at these headphones, I'm not sure they would fit a toddler very well. Granted, I don't have a three-year-old to test them on, but the lovely earpads are so big, I'm not sure they would fit properly on tiny ears. The fit is almost a little too big for my seven-year-old but just small enough to cover his ears nicely without hanging too low. These headphones might be best suited to children aged five or older, but the package does say 3+, so I could be wrong.

My only other critique is a bit silly, but I'll mention it since it was a little disappointing for my son. He has an Alexa Echo Dot Kid's Edition, and it won't connect to these headphones. I guess only "Alexa-compatible" headphones will work with Echo devices or other similar voice assistant technologies. Since he loves to listen to music on his Echo all the livelong day, it would be nice if his headphones connected to it so I didn't have to hear it, but I suppose this is a small complaint. Most kids probably don't need voice-assistant technology, so it probably wouldn't present a problem to most.

BuddyPhones Cosmos+: Competition

Puro Sound Labs Puroquiets Headphones

Puro Sound Labs Puroquiets Headphones (Image credit: Puro Sound Labs)

There are many cheap kids' headphones on the market, but few of them present ANC technology, Studymode, and Bluetooth wireless functionality. The closest comparison to BuddyPhones Cosmos+ is the Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Headphones. Like the Cosmos+, these have ANC, safe audio, durability, and a convenient carry case. The PuroQuiets do not offer Studymode, however, and the earpads are a lot smaller. I doubt they seal off little ears or provide as much comfort as the Cosmos+. The PuroQuiets are also about $20 more expensive, so the Cosmos+ seem like the better deal to me.

BuddyPhones Cosmos+: Should you buy it?

Buddyphones Cosmos Plus

Buddyphones Cosmos Plus (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • Your child could use some comfortable, noise-canceling headphones.
  • You're concerned about volume safety.
  • Your kid needs good headphones for virtual classes or air travel.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're looking for headphones for a small toddler.
  • You want headphones that are equipped with voice-assistant compatibility.

Whether your child needs headphones for virtual classes, gaming, or travel, the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ are high-quality headphones with active noise cancellation and a super comfortable fit. They are designed in fun prints and cute colors to appeal to both boys and girls, and the microphone is easily detachable. Be prepared to keep these headphones on hand; since the carry case is so convenient, your child will want to bring them everywhere. While this might prove annoying for trips to the grocery store, the Cosmos+ are a perfect companion for long, loud flights where you'd prefer that your kids stayed quiet and entertained.

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