MeeBot 2.0 and childSource: UBTech

What you need to know

  • MeeBot 2.0 has been announced.
  • It's an Apple Store exclusive.
  • Children can learn to code and built their own robot.

UBTech Robotics has released the MeeBot 2.0 robot and it's exclusively available to buy from the Apple Store. It isn't cheap at $129.99 but it's at least educational.

The new robot can be built by youngsters from age eight and upwards, although we have to admit that we want to take this thing for a spin ourselves. We're sure UBTech Robotics wouldnt mind big kids trying it out, too.

BUILD. CODE. PLAY. Create and code the upgraded MeeBot 2.0 robot using snap together parts, six servo motors plus newly added LED lights, color sensor and updated gear movement system. Download the free JIMU app for easy 3D, 360° building instructions to begin the fun. From programming the LED lights to customized dance sequences, MeeBot 2.0 will provide a fun interactive STEM learning experience.

The new unit is around 30% larger than the previous model and now comes with additional sensors and programmable eyes. AppleInsider also points out that six new servo motors and a new gear system have also been added to the sequel.

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Once children have built their MeeBot they can use a free iPad app to program it and then have more fun than anyone probably ought to with a miniature Terminator. They'll need to find one though – MeeBot 2.0 is only available at select Apple Stores across the United States and Canada. Again, it's priced at $129.99.