Kim Kardashian for Mac is a virtual reality you do not want to star in

After having landed on the iPhone and iPad, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is now ready to bring her "khaos" to Apple's Mac with an OS X version of the famed fame game. As with the iOS version, the goal of the game is to take on the persona of Kim Kardashian and help your own aspiring celebrity "rise to fame and fortune."

Whether this game is a welcomed installation on your system or a vapid virus that is infecting your computer is your own judgment call to make.

Though the game is free, be wary of in-app purchases to win fame. In order to rise to prominence, users must either outfit their inner divas with clothes, find a hot date to increase their fame, or appear in promos.

  • CREATE YOUR OWN STAR and customize your look with hundreds of style options, including Kim Kardashian's personal picks!
  • STAR in a huge interactive adventure as you encounter other celebs, dedicated fans, persistent paparazzi… and even hang out with Kim herself!
  • RULE THE RED CARPET as an A-list movie actor, cover model, fashion designer and more – what you do is up to you!
  • TAKE OVER L.A. in a virtual world complete with exclusive clubs, upscale boutiques, and luxury homes! Travel to New York City and Miami!
  • DATE AND DUMP CELEBS at the best parties and hottest clubs! Flirt and become the next huge celebrity power-couple!
  • BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG FOR THE RIDE using Game Center and Facebook – help each other rise to fame, compare styles, send gifts, and see who can be the biggest star!

But with ratings that include "Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes" as well as "Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity," hopefully your celebutard won't have to leak a Kim Kardashian sex tape redux to win this game.

The highly addictive game for iOS is believed to net Kim Kardashian about $700,000 per day through in-app purchases.

Are you ready to unleash Kardashian onto your Mac? Let us know.

Chuong H Nguyen
  • I'm disappointed that iMore are reporting on this. The last thing this game needs is more attention. Sent from the iMore App
  • Totally agree! I appreciate that you have to cover news but the Kardashians are something I never want to see infecting iMore EVER AGAIN. That poisonous clan should never be allowed free advertising on iMore. This is extremely disappointing. Sent from the iMore App
  • They can't praise apple for a record App Store month on one hand and ignore the reason for the record on the other.
  • lol love the headline. But I agree with Zach. This is some dumb sh*t and shouldn't be covered here. This is bgr garbage. Let it stay there.
  • This "dumb sh*t" is making apple millions of dollars. Whether you like it or not, this is why Apple promotes crappy free IAP games over real ones for their devices. You can't profess to be an apple fan and ignore their main source of pure profit.
  • I like the sex tape reference, but the thing is, I was actually wondering if you have to do that in the game?
  • Our country's royalty is a prostitute and Caribou Barbie was almost a heartbeat from the Presidency. But I digress...
  • With the expansion of this app to home computers - a sign of the coming apocalypse?
  • Why lord? WHY?!?!?!
    Why do people keep giving her money?!?! Why punish the gamers who actually had to play this game and give a review?!?! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Such stuff should be banned from the App Store !!! Stop making stupid people famous !!!! Sent from the iMore App