Lake Coloring drops it's yearly subscription by 80%

Lake Coloring Books Apple Pencil Ipad Pro
Lake Coloring Books Apple Pencil Ipad Pro (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Lake Coloring has reduced the price of a yearly subscription by 80%.
  • The "Stay-at-home" offer is available now to new and free tiered existing users.
  • The offer is for a limited time and comes from a heartwarming place.

Today, I received an email from Lake Coloring's co-founder (and winner of a Future Tech 2020 award), Katarina Lotrič to tell me about a sale that the company is launching. Because they've seen a "significant rise in daily app usage, downloads, and shares on social media," they've decided to discount Lake Coloring by approximately 80% in order to help more people get the benefit of relaxing while coloring.

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From the App Store summary of the latest update:

In these sad times, we are reaching out to you (while keeping a healthy social distance!) with a unique stay-at-home offer. Be safe, folks![PAUSE WITH SELF-CARE] These days, the world is becoming united by being separated. With this comes more me-time, but also more opportunities for anxiety to sneak in. We are all stuck in different situations and handling it the best we can. If you live with someone, it may be challenging to be compassionate and patient at all times. If you can, try to take care of yourself first. That way, you will have the capacity to be kinder to others. Or simply to yourself. One of the tools that can bring you closer to yourself is coloring. There is a whole community out there transforming their worries and stress into bringing illustrations to life their own way through colors. If you are not one of them yet, you may want to try it! Maybe it's something that can work for your peace of mind as well.[STAY-AT-HOME OFFER] To make Lake's relaxing effects available to an even wider audience, we have unanimously decided to offer our yearly subscription at a significantly reduced price during this difficult time. And by significantly, we mean SIGNIFICANTLY! We hope to improve your mood, even if it is just a little bit.If you can, stay at home, stay calm and stay healthy. We will get through this together. <3Lots of love and support,Lake team

I've always loved Lake Coloring Books for a number of reasons, one of which is that Lake Coloring fully supports independent artists and illustrators by sharing part of every subscription fee with them. The company started with just 10 artists and now has more than 800 illustrations by different artists and the largest collection of coloring books by independent illustrators. After just a year in business, Lake Coloring Books won an Apple Design Award in 2017, and it is well-deserved.

The fact that Lake Coloring is dropping the price of its yearly subscription by 80% while we're all going through some rough times is honestly enough to make me cry.

Check out Lake Coloring on iPhone and iPad (I prefer it on iPad, but will sometimes use it on my iPhone in a pinch). It's free to download and comes with a freebie package you can try out.

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