Last Minute Holiday Accessory Gifts for iPhone XR 2018

iPhone XR
iPhone XR (Image credit: iMore)

Ah, the holiday season: the only time of year where it's acceptable to openly cry in a mall because you forgot to get the iPhone XR user on your list a gift. Never fear: iMore is here with 10 convenient, spectacular, and stress-reducing holiday accessories and gifts for the iPhone XR (you're welcome!)

Finding the perfect gift this holiday season can be challenging, but with so many awesome options out there for your iPhone XR, it's hard not to pick a couple on our list. Personally we love a super fun and unique gift like the Prynt Pocket Prunter, but maybe you prefer to give a more practical and affordable gift like the Spigen Ultra Crystal Clear Hybrid. Regardless if you're doing this shopping for you or a friend, we hope our little holiday list has been helpful. Happy holidays, and good luck shopping!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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