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Latest iPhone 14 Pro pill-shaped camera mockup looks as hot as expected

Iphone 14 Pro Camera Mockup
Iphone 14 Pro Camera Mockup (Image credit: @Rendersbyian)

What you need to know

  • A new mockup shows us what an iPhone 14 Pro with a pill-shaped camera hole could look like.
  • Render creator @RendersbyIan has created a mockup of an iPhone 14 Pro beside an iPhone 13.
  • Please, Apple. Give us a battery percentage.

The rumors of Apple ditching the notch and going with a new pill-shaped camera hole for iPhone 14 continue and now a new mockup shows us just how stunning that could turn out to be. Created by @RendersbyIan, the mockup shows an iPhone 14 Pro beside an iPhone 13 and there's no denying that this thing looks great.

While Apple will reportedly put the front-facing camera into such a hole, alongside part of the Face ID system, everything else will move beneath the display and out of sight. Eventually, we have to imagine that Apple will but the whole shebang down there but for now it simply isn't possible. At least, not without compromising that camera as some Android manufacturers have done.

Just look at this thing at the side of an iPhone 13 and you'll see how it looks so much more modern and immediately makes the older device look dated.

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If all goes according to plan we can expect Apple to announce the new iPhone 14 lineup in or around September. Only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to gain this new look, however.

As great as this new look could be, I still worry that Apple won't make full use of the extra screen space afforded by the removal of the notch. Apple, please, please give us the battery percentage back at the very least. That being said, this thing will still be the best iPhone ever even if Apple decides to remove the battery icon altogether!

Oliver Haslam

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  • Except it totally doesn't (look hot) though, and the fact that you think it does is a giant red flag that indicates you don't understand very much about design and how things are made in the first place. I find these articles highly entertaining because it's so obvious that Apple is actually punking you all with these "leaks," and yet, you are so uninformed about the things you write about, you're actually taken in by them! It's hilarious really. There is absolutely NO good evidence of any kind that Apple would do a "pill," a "punch-hole," or anything similar to either in it's upcoming phones. The "leaks" come exclusively from people who have been deliberated fooled, either by Apple or their "sources" before (Prosser). More importantly than anything however, neither the "Pill," the "dot," or the "Pill & dot" make any sense from a design perspective. They are literally just the notch with a (useless) blank space above it. The bigger flaw is that whole idea is predicated on the notion(s) that: 1 - the notch is somehow "bad design," (when in it's actually an excellent design solution to a currently intractable problem). 2 - people "don't like it" (even though polls have always told us that the majority of folks think it's fine and most of the rest are ambivilent.)
  • “ The "leaks" come exclusively from people who have been deliberated fooled” Not all the time, some have hit very close to accurate in the past, but I will admit that nowadays Apple is definitely throwing false pretenses for the sake of protecting their products. Can’t knock them for that either. At the end of the day Apple fanboys have no one but themselves to blame for the false leaks.