Iphone 12 DisplaySource: Mr-white

What you need to know

  • An image has surfaced of the iPhone 12's display unit.
  • It could be our first look at the iPhone 12's internals.
  • It's unclear which iPhone 12 model it might be from.

A leaked image of the iPhone 12's display unit has appeared on Twitter courtesy of Mr·white.

The tweet simply states 'iPhone 12 OLED Screen', and if real, could be the first glimpse at the iPhone 12's display internals. Sadly, there isn't much to be garnered from the image, save that the display connector appears to have been moved to the bottom of the display, possibly to accommodate a shift in the iPhone 12's logic board.

Back in May, Twitter leaker @L0vetodream shared an image of the iPhone 12's logic board, sporting a redesign. From that report:

According to L0vetodream, the board was produced in week 40 of 2019, however, it does not include the A14 chip rumored to feature in the iPhone 12. If this is the iPhone 12's logic board, all it does reveal is that the board has been redesigned to be much longer and thinner, configured into an L-shape, presumably to fit around the iPhone 12's battery. By contrast, the iPhone 11's logic board is much shorter and wider.

Mr. White's Twitter account revealed that the iPhone was coming in gold back in February of 2018, but according to AppleTrack has whiffed on a couple of rumors since. Most recently, Mr. White shared the claim that the next Apple Pencil would be black, or would at least include a black option, as well as images of a rumored new 20W power adapter, possibly for the iPhone 12 or separate sale.

Apple is rumored to be releasing four new iPhone models in three sizes, a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch models, and a 6.7 inch iPhone.