Nowplaying ArtworkSource: Modum B.V.

What you need to know

  • NowPlaying is a new app that can identify songs and give you information about them.
  • It doesn't matter if you're listening to Apple Music or your record collection.

The next time you're listening to a song, whether it's a record or from Apple Music, and wishing you had more information about it, wish no more. NowPlaying is here.

Using the magic of ShazamKit, NowPlaying listens to the song that is playing no matter the source and then provides information about it. Developer Hidde van der Ploeg explains why that's so cool:

Use your iOS or iPadOS device as a display for all your speakers. By using NowPlaying you can quickly discover which song is playing and let the user find out more about the music that's on. Currently, you would need to know the record by heart, count grooves or look at the cover and label to know what song is playing.

NowPlaying is going to tell you all we can find for the music that's found. Like editorial notes, where the song was recorded and even who played what instrument

NowPlaying has a gorgeous interface and works on iPhone and iPad, perfect for those comfy listening sessions on the couch. The full feature list is a long one but you'll find out all kinds of things including the song's release date, genre, who composed it, and more.

NowPlaying can be downloaded from the App Store now and it costs just $1.99. If you're a music fan or just want to learn more about the songs that you're listening to — even on vinyl — this app could be the best iPhone app you install this month.

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