Little Nightmares 2 for Nintendo Switch Review: An artistic horror experience

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Hero
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Bottom line: For a horror, this is an oddly beautiful game filled with gorgeous scenes and amazing detail. Even though it is a sequel, it gives it's own interesting storyline that matches the original without being a copy.


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    Sequel takes off the edge

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    Horror without the gore


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    Some unintentional glitches

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    Not multiplayer

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As an enthusiast of all things dark, strange, and horror, I was immediately drawn into Little Nightmares 2 the very second the menu screen came up on my Nintendo Switch. The creepy, haunted music box style song, the crash of the waves in a hauntingly otherwise silent land — it created a perfect ambiance for the rest of the game. It may look cute, but when it comes to envoking fear, this game does not hold back.

Little Nightmares 2: What I like

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Six

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Six (Image credit: iMore)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
CategoryLittle Nightmares 2
TitleLittle Nightmares 2
DeveloperTarsier Studio
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
GenreHorror, Platformer, Puzzle
Game Size6.4 GB
Play Time5 hours
Launch Price$40

From the moment you begin going through this world as Mono, there are a lot of fine music and background details — the sound really draws you in. The precise moments chosen for when to have the intense music for an added feature and when to make everything fall into that eerie silence bring a special experience to the player. I have to say that the brilliant use of music and sound not only add to the player experience, but also guide it, and it is one of my favorie features.

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Floating Door

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Floating Door (Image credit: iMore)

A little way into the game, you'll find another character, seemingly trapped, playing with a music box. This is Six, who joins you for most of the game. Having also played LIttle Nightmares, I can honestly say that although Six isn't a playable character, it did somehow help take the edge off a bit and eases you into this creepy world. This also came with new solution to an obstacle, keeping it fresh after the initial game. Without giving the game away, I will just say the partnership these two share is really cute. After all, unlike Rose on Titanic, Mono and Six figured out a door CAN fit two people.

Little Nightmares 2 Switch The Doctor

Little Nightmares 2 Switch The Doctor (Image credit: iMore)

It can be hard to make a scary game without making it messy. Now don't get me wrong — there's nothing wrong with gore and guts in a horror game. In fact, some of my favorites leave you swimming in blood and violence. However, I do think there's something to be said for a game that can make you feel terrified without the use of gore.

Little Nightmares 2: What I don't like

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Thin Man

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Thin Man (Image credit: iMore)

During my playthrough, I was exploring different possibilities and trying to figure out if there may be hidden areas — just generally exploring the environment. One occasion led me to a glitch where I had to use the resume from checkpoint option. Mono became stuck and was gliding instead of taking steps as I moved the joy stick around and he would not jump or grab objects. Luckily this happened right as I reached a checkpoint so I didn't have to redo too much and it wasn't a regular issue.

With the addition of a second regular character for the journey, I was hoping they had made a multiplayer option for Little Nightmares 2. Unfortunately it didn't play out this way. While it makes sense with the story, it was still disappointing because this is an experience that would be fun with friends. But, I would consider this a very minor complaint overall.

Little Nightmares 2: Final thoughts

Although I have already played through the game once, I am planning on playing again. It's a fun, quick story with a lot of details and I'm sure I'll notice more a second time around. Plus there's an alternate ending I have to unlock. The ambiance this game offers and the way it draws you in will make Little Nightmares 2, and all future Little Nightmares, a must have for my collection of the best horror games on Switch.

If you're looking for something cute but spooky and thrilling without a lot of gore and time involved, Little Nightmares 2 hits all the marks. Those who appreciate game design and the power of music choices will surely enjoy this artistic experience of a game.

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