Best HomeKit light switches for the Home app in 2024

With a smart light switch, you don't need to worry about filling your house with potentially very expensive smart light bulbs, as the switch itself does all the heavy lifting. They'll work just like normal switches, but also hook up to the Home App so that you can control your lights on your iPhone or with Siri.

Though you might spend more at the outset with a smart light switch, it means that you won't spend money replacing smart light bulbs over time. Instead, you need only worry about the small cost of replacing much cheaper nonsmart light bulbs. You can even automate when your lights turn on and off, depending on other smart devices in your house. These are the best smart light switches that you can buy.

Best HomeKit lightswitches


Which is the best HomeKit light switch with Home app compatibility for me?

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The best HomeKit light switches make it easy to control one or more lights through the Home app without spending a fortune on individual HomeKit light bulbs. Siri voice control is also available with all HomeKit and Home app devices, so you can speak phrases like, "Hey Siri, turn on the living room lights" while the virtual assistant takes care of it all.

Are you looking for a light switch that works with the most popular smart voice assistants, including Siri? The Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit gets our recommendation, as it is one of the fastest-responding and most reliable switches on the market thanks to Clear Connect technology. This dimmer switch bundle also does not require a neutral wire in your wall boxes, making it compatible with older and newer homes.

If you want an easy-to-install HomeKit-only switch, the Eve Light Switch gets the job done and does so with style. This switch connects directly to HomeKit via the latest wireless networking standard — Thread — so you don't need to download another app, enter a long Wi-Fi password, or register for another account just to control your lights. Thread also enables ultra-fast response times and excellent reliability without needing a hub.

What is Matter?

We answer this in far more detail in our roundup of every device that supports Matter, but to put it simply: Matter is a HomeKit standard that's designed to bring all the disparate standards together, so that they can all work together. If something supports matter then the idea is that it will work with every single other HomeKit standard as well. 

Are smart light switches worth it?

If you want to ensmarted your home for the long haul, then they are definitely worth it. They might cost more initially than some smart light bulbs or fittings, but they allow for greater flexibility as to what kind of lights you can use. It's great for older fittings as well, as you need only replace the switch and not entire light fitting.

Do smart plugs use any energy?

Yes, they do — they need to sip electricity so that they can stay connected over time. Obviously its more than the 0W that a traditional light switch uses, but you do get a litany of bonuses for a small energy payment.

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