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Want to brighten up your life with a HomeKit light switch, but don't know where to start? There are quite a few options to choose from, each featuring their own unique designs and features. HomeKit support built-in means that you will be speaking commands to Siri, or toggling your lights through the Home App in no time. Here is our list of the best switches and dimmers that are currently available.

Most compatible: Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch

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The Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch is a solid light switch that uses Lutron's clear connect technology for wireless communication to the Caseta Hub (required), making connections fast and reliable. The Dimmer Switch has brightness controls built-in and can be adjusted with Apple's Home App or the Lutron Caseta App. The Lutron Dimmer is also the only light switch available in North America that does not require a neutral wire, which older homes may not have.

Easy setup: Eve Light Switch

One of HomeKit's first light switches, the Eve Light Switch, features a clean, minimalistic design that doesn't scream "smart light switch" when installed on the wall. The switch is one "button," which is a solid-state capacitive touchpad, and requires just a tap to toggle on and off. The Eve Light Switch uses Bluetooth technology for its HomeKit connection, which means you can be up and running in a matter of minutes using the iOS Home App with no Wi-Fi settings or account needed.

Control Center: Brilliant Home Control

The Brilliant Home Control is the ultimate in-wall command center as it packs on tons of smart home capabilities, not just HomeKit. It may look complicated, but the Home Control installs just like every other light switch, and some models support up to four switches. Once installed, the Home Control works with Ring doorbells, ecobee thermostats, August locks, and a whole lot more. On the HomeKit side of things, you can control whatever lights that are connected to the switch through the Home app, or via Siri.

$299 at Brilliant

Hubless: Legrand Smart Light Switch

The Legrand Smart Light Switch connects directly to your home network using 2.4ghz Wi-Fi without the need for an additional hub. This makes it incredibly easy to get up and running right out of the box, and it works with all of the voice assistants, including HomeKit. This switch can also work with 3-way installations using a separate, but lower cost, remote.

Dependable: Wemo Dimmer Switch

Belkin's Wemo Dimmer Switch features HomeKit support, when paired with a Wemo bridge (sold separately) and has an inset section to guide your finger when adjusting brightness levels. Belkin also touts that their dimmer switch includes a night mode, which prevents the lights from coming on at the highest levels, which can be set up using the Wemo App or through automations in HomeKit.

Cost effective: Sylvania Smart+ Light Switch

The Sylvania Smart+ In-Wall Light Switch is an easy to install, affordable option for those looking to add some smarts to their lighting. Everything is included in the box with Sylvania's switch, including a screw-less wall plate and all of the necessary hardware for installation. The switch utilizes a Bluetooth connection for direct connection to HomeKit and does so without the need for a hub or internet connection.

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Having a HomeKit light switch installed in your home makes it easy to control one or more lights without having to replace your existing light bulbs. Siri support is also included with all HomeKit devices, so you will be able to simply speak phrases like "Hey Siri, turn on the living room lights" while the virtual assistant takes care of it all.

Looking for a light switch that is compatible with all of the major smart home platforms? Lutron's Caseta Dimmer Switch gets our recommendation, and it also happens to be one of the fastest responding and most reliable switches on the market. If you just want an easy to install HomeKit-only switch, then the Eve Light Switch gets the job done, and does so with style.

Now that you have the perfect light switch picked out, check out our guide to installing your new switch which includes the tools and materials needed plus step by step instructions on how to set it all up.

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