Logitech Circle 2 Magnetic Mount vs. Window Mount: Which should you buy?

While both mounts are good options to have in your home security system, we prefer the flexibility of the Magnetic Mount. Plus, it can literally be attached anywhere on the house since it comes with a metal plate, so you aren't limited to just magnetic surfaces.

The breakdown

While the Window Mount allows you to see more of what's going on outside from the inside of your home, the view really depends on where your windows are placed. Since it sticks to the window itself, you're not going to be able to adjust the angle, unless there's another window that gives you a better view. If there isn't a good window to place it in, then the Window Mount is kind of useless for the situation. I mean, who wants to do work on the house just to get the right position for a camera?

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Header Cell - Column 0 Logitech Circle 2 Magnetic MountLogitech Circle 2 Window Mount
Easy setupYesYes
Goes anywhereYesOnly windows
Plugged-in mountNoYes
Indoors and outdoorsYesIndoors only

Out of these two options, the Magnetic Mount is definitely the better choice. Even though it's magnetic, Logitech provides customers with a metal plate that attaches anywhere with super strong, semi-permanent adhesive, so it can go on any surface regardless. And if you already have a good spot on a magnetic surface (i.e. rain gutters, metal door frames or posts, even light fixtures), then just attach the magnetic base and put it where you want — it won't budge! Just push the camera around the base until you find the perfect viewing angle, and you're good to go with no unsightly mess.

However, you should be aware that if you decide to use the metal plate, you need to firmly decide where it'll go, since the plate is very difficult to remove with the strong adhesive. At the least, you know it won't be going anywhere.

Another big advantage with the Magnetic Mount is that if you opted for the Wire-Free version of the Circle 2, the Magnetic Mount doesn't need to be plugged in to use, allowing you to remain untethered. The Window Mount, on the other hand, needs that plug, which makes having a wire-free version of a camera kind of useless. The Magnetic Mount can also be used both indoors and outdoors, whereas the Window Mount is only for indoor use behind a window.

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